Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: September 29

Here is what we've been reading this week.  It hasn't been a whole lot.

Number the Stars.  We finished that last chapter or so.  Connor was surprised that nobody ended up being arrested by the Nazis.  At least not in the actual story part.  So he is finally understanding what I meant by my statement about a "typical WWII book" when we were discussing a couple of his reading options. 

Mara, Daughter of the Nile.  I'm listing this so I don't forget it.  But the book went missing.  So we haven't read ANYTHING.  <sigh>

We barely started Homer Price. Funny, funny book.  And a nice break from the far more serious reading we've been doing.

But we did a lot of other school reading. 

Below is a picture of the books I've been reading to Richard and Trina.

So, umm, yeah.  Another pretty pathetic read-aloud week.

Plans for this coming week?   Well, Connor has wrapped up Sonlight Core 7 (or H now, I guess), but we do have two more books we are going to do on audio.  I Am David.  And God's Smuggler. Connor will be starting Core 100 on Monday, and I *am* still going to be doing some reading aloud. I have to.  I just haven't figured out exactly what.

How did your week go?  Sign the linky to link up your reading aloud post and I'll come visit your post, sometime before the week is up.  This weekend is going to be a bit crazy, so I'm not promising it will happen quickly.  I do, though, really love having you here... without you, I would not be posting this week. I'm feeling like a failure at this read-aloud thing right now.  But I will post the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Like this week's two chapters of read-alouds.

To see my first post when this turned into a linky thing, check here.


Unknown said...

I'm here, and my week was much more pathetic then yours!


Michelle Smith said...

We love Homer Price. And we have used that Usborne reference a lot, too.

I know it doesn't seem like you've read a lot, but you really have accomplished something this week. I try to read a mix of different things, at different reading/listening levels, and I think you've done that.

Martha said...


Just learned you were doing this, so I decided to link up what we did this week also.