Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Review: Life Application Study Bible Devotional

I've been looking for something different to do for Bible study.  So reviewing the Life Application Study Bible Devotional was a no-brainer.

I have enjoyed using a Life Application Study Bible before, so I thought this could be a really great devotional.

From the publisher:
Readers of the Life Application Study Bible—the #1 bestselling study Bible—will welcome the arrival of the new Life Application Study Bible Devotional. Let the life of Jesus sink into your mind and heart with 312 readings from the gospels—one for each weekday and one for the weekend. In the Life Application Study Bible Devotional: Daily Wisdom from Jesus, each week focuses on a different event in Jesus’ life—drawing out daily wisdom from his parables, teachings, conversations, miracles, and interactions with people. You’ll learn important biblical principles, become inspired to put God’s Word into practical action, and be forever changed by a year spent going deeper with your Savior.
You can check out a sample for yourself here.

What I found?  This lived up to the quality I would expect from a Life Application Study Bible publication.

It is split into 52 weekly topics, covering everything from "Jesus' Coming Is Announced" to "Jesus Gives Final Instructions.  And each week is split into six readings.  Each daily reading is split into four pieces:
  • Reading the Word (with the text included, so you don't have to have a separate Bible available)
  • Setting the Scene (background information and other details)
  • Getting Personal (some questions to reflect on, bringing it back to your life)
  • Talking to God (suggestions for prayer)
The first reading for the week is two pages, with a longer "Setting the Scene" section.  All other readings for the week are a single page.

I love that the reading is fairly short and easy to fit into a busy schedule.  I love the Setting the Scene sections.  These are far deeper than many other 'devotional' publications I have used.  I feel like I am learning something.

I also love that this is labeled by week numbers and day numbers.  It is not dated at all.  I can pick it up in October, or in May... and if I miss a week, I don't have anything taunting me about my failure to keep up.

This makes me think, and it is easy to fit it in.  That is what I need right now.

Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from Tyndale House Publishers.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.   

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