Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff

I keep meaning to get on here and post more about what is going on in our lives.  And it keeps not happening.  So here are some tidbits:
  • Picked up our last CSA share yesterday.  Thought I would die on my way there though.  Wow, are the roads horrible after a bunch of slushy snow and rain.  I picked up a lot of great stuff though.  Even some more tomatoes!  So I think I'll be able to do one more batch of salsa.  Hot salsa, as I also picked up HOT peppers.  Also got a bunch of winter squash (Yum!), onions, golden apples, sausage and eggs.  And I was invited to go out to the greenhouse and pick some basil, no charge.  So my van smelled of basil all day.
  • I'm getting ready to road trip with my 5 and 7 year olds.  Roughly 36 hours in a car... and I have <ahem> eight hours of audiobooks ready to go.  I am desperate for suggestions of books I can get online that would be great for them.  I did put a couple of books on CD on hold at the Pueblo library, but I won't be able to listen to them, probably, on the way there.  Anyway... librivox suggestions, anyone?  I'm so used to trying to find stuff for my big boys that I'm totally out of practice with finding stuff for the little ones.  HELP!!!
  • I decided to go all out on reviews for a bit.  I just need to get things caught up and on track.  Too much food processing in the past few months.
  • Speaking of food processing, Connor had to rearrange the shelves where we store our jars.  He couldn't get anything else up there.  As he was working on that, I was near tears.  #1) that he took the initiative and took care of this.  And did it well besides.  And #2) that we have so much food canned that we actually needed to do something sensible with it.  Salsa (mild and hot), chunky tomato sauce (think crushed tomatoes), pizza sauce, pickles, peaches, pears, peach honey...
  • Speaking of food processing, if you saute anything and freeze it and put it in ziploc bags, LABEL THEM.  Yeah.  Ummm.  I think I discovered something incredibly yummy.  But I *thought* I was grabbing whatever that French thing is... the sauteed carrots, onions and celery.  Instead, I grabbed sauteed peppers.   Some type of medium-hot chili pepper, not that I know what type it was.  I think the result is going to be fabulous though.  But it is NOT what I was going for.
  • I have a couple really exciting review things happening in my life.  First, the TOS Homeschool Crew has created a sub-crew that will be reviewing apps.  I can't wait...
  • Second, Molly's Home Team is forming.  I'll be involved with that as well.  We're looking for new people for that... so if you blog regularly, go take a look and think about applying.  This will involve reviewing home "stuff" -- kitchen gadgets, food related items, cleaning... who knows.  Should be fun.  US only at this point, and you need 50 public followers.  I'd be happy to come follow you if you need help boosting that number.
  • And on the subject of reviews, I just keep ending up in tears over some of the fabulous things that enter my life through the review process.  My kids are having the chance to use things I never could have paid for.  
That's it for now.  Maybe I need to make this a weekly tradition.  


Rodna Allman said...

Congratulations on the APP crew and Molly's Home team. I did not apply fr the APP Crew, but I did apply for the Home Crew. I will admit I am a little sad not to make, it, but I am OK. I know it must be for the best. i am sure I am needed for something else right now. lol
Besides, i am still just so happy and blessed to be part of the TOS Crew! lol

I know what you mean by the blessing that come your way through reviews. Right now we are really enjoying Memoria Press's reading program. We were doing PAL, but it was a little too hard for my son, so we are going to do this, and the go back to PAL. Still love PAL, just a little too intense for him right now. I still have a few outside reviews to get done as well, but I have really stopped taking on so many outside reviews. I really need to focus on what is the most important.
OK, better stop talking your ear off. lol

Debra said...

I am so thrilled that the Memoria Press program is working for you. I think I would have loved that too... but I'm not on it.

The outside reviews are definitely going to need to be cut back. I'm at a point of having too many again.

Rodna Allman said...

I know what you mean. Are you still liking PAL? Is it on a good level for your child? Was it your daughter who was using it?
My son just told me today that he really liked this new reading program a lot.
I asked him if he liked PAL, and he said he did but it was just too hard.
But we will pick it back up again after Memoria Press. I am gonna have fun writing this review!

i cant decide said...

You are going to be so busy(not like you aren't already) with the two new review programs.

I hope your trip goes well. My children recently listened to Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed it. They also liked Raggedy Anne.

I am feeling ultra blessed this year with all of the great products we have received threw the crew!