Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bible Bee! We're participating this year!

So something I have wanted to post about here these past couple of weeks is the Bible Bee.

Yes, we are participating.  All four boys.  Eeek!

We've never done this before, so I feel kind of silly talking about it when I don't know what to expect at all...

But I did  receive a shipping notification, so I know my box of stuff is on its way here.  The initial notification told me that it will arrive on Tuesday, but checking it again this morning, and the update said it would be here tomorrow --  check this out --


What do I think we are in for?

Well, all the stuff (like the button above) says that we spend 20 minutes a day, using 2 cards a week, and we'll draw closer to God and deepen family relationships.

So we'll be studying throughout the summer -- and in August, we'll be making a trip to Minnesota to participate in a local event on August 25, aka Celebration Day.  We registered a month or so ago (it's $30 to register a child) and we'll be getting:
  • 25 Bible Memory cards (this is the 2 cards a week part)
  • A Bible (ESV, in our case)
  • A Sword Study, at the appropriate level (this is the 20 minutes a day part) and I am really looking forward to this
  • A Bible Bee T-shirt and button
  • Gifts from their partners (?)
  • A parent guidebook
I also chose to purchase the musical CD, as some of my children definitely memorize better to music!  I think I bought something else too... but I'm going to have to wait for my box to arrive to remember what that might have been!

I can't wait.

My plan -- and I hope some of you will harass me if I don't seem to be following through -- is to be blogging every week about what is going on for us.  I think I'll be doing that on Thursdays, starting with today! 

If you are reading this right after I posted, it is not too late... registration ends May 31 though, so you have to hurry.

Disclosure: As a Bible Bee Blogger, I received registration in exchange for my promise to talk about our experience.  This post is a part of that commitment.


Homeschooling6 said...

Wow! Way to go. I'll be cheering you all on.

Anonymous said...

Made my day once again, great post..two thumbs up!:)

Cristi said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes. I was really tempted to sign up this year, but I was sure if we'd be settled enough in our new home to be able to travel for the final competition day.

Michele said...

Hey Debra, do you know if you sign up your kids have to compete? Saw the registration was extended until today.

Debra said...

Sorry, Michele! I was not on the computer much at all yesterday... and no, you do not HAVE to compete.