Tuesday, May 1, 2012

J is for Junk

Blogging through the Alphabet time again.  This one didn't take a lot of thought.  J is for Junk.

In my house, it isn't wire hangers that breed in closets.  It is stuff.  Junk.  Trash.

We have practically no storage space in this house.  Essentially, there were poorly organized walk-in closets in the three bedrooms, and a wire shelf above the washer-dryer when we moved in.  And a crawl space you access from outside.  One of those walk-in closets houses the workbench, so we don't even have that space available.

No garage.  No attic.  No basement.  No coat closet.  No nothing.  We bought a shed... and had it half set up.  But the weather didn't cooperate.  On a relatively calm day, we ended up with some nasty wind gusts, and the shed went a-flying.  So now we own a bunch of mangled metal.  You know, more junk.  I wasn't the only one crying that day. 

And I'm married to a total hoarder.  And I have lots of those tendencies myself.  Worse yet, I just hate going through things.

So the junk accumulates.

My kids, of course, contribute to this.  They decide the empty cereal box has some other purpose in life, so they take it out of the trash and put it elsewhere in the house.  And the pizza box?  Oh, yeah.  Same there. 

So not only do we have too stinkin' much STUFF, but we literally have TRASH hanging out too.

Not to mention boxes and boxes and boxes of clothing that my husband has "outgrown" and at least two sizes of clothes I can't wear either.  And some stuff (though not as much) that the kids have all outgrown.

My parents are coming this weekend.  Generally, that means we try to organize the junk and get the trash thrown out.  Right now?  This week is dedicated to actually getting rid of junk.  We've made some progress.  Every week for the past couple of months, I've take a few boxes to a charity in town.  So we've donated away a lot of clothing, some toys, some VHS tapes... but we still have such a long way to go.

I'm afraid I won't be as successful as I need to be.  But at least -- hopefully -- we will make some progress.

Go, check out Marcy's blog, where other people have posted about far better J things --Joy, Just, Jesus.  At least one post is about Jammies, so maybe I'm not the only one confessing that I don't have everything together in some sort of June Cleaver-ish way...

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