Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bountiful Baskets: November 17

Bountiful Baskets again.  The pickup before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to get a hostess pack, but ended up doing two baskets instead.

Our truck was seriously late. Again. It worked out for me, as we were doing volunteer work this morning and had someone picking our basket for us.  Since the truck was over two hours late, we were able to get our baskets ourselves.

Here is one of them:

Connor was trying to be symmetrical.  Yikes.

Between our two baskets, we got:
  • Ten big potatoes
  • Five tomatoes
  • Three 1-lb bags of carrots
  • Three bunches of celery
  • Three heads of romaine lettuce
  • Two melons of some type.  Honeydew, maybe.
  • Five pummelos
  • Twelve apples
  • Fourteen oranges
  • Seven bananas
  • Two pineapples
At least, I think that's what we got. It's been a long day.

What are we going to do with it all?  The fruit will all get eaten.  The veggies are all staples.  I really don't have to do any thinking at all.

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