Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dinosuars for Kids for the iPad

While we love ebooks, and love apps on the iPad, I have not been terribly impressed with most of the iBooks content I have interacted with.  Until Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham.  Wow.

First, you have the book itself.  The book has fabulous illustrations and a whole lot of great information about all kinds of dinosaurs, presented from a Creation point of view. 

But this iBook title is interactive.  Which means you can click on the names of all few dozen of the dinosaurs, and it brings up additional information about that dinosaur, including a speaker icon you can click to hear the author pronounce the name of the dinosaur.  Not a big deal with names like Tyrannosaurus (I've learned that one!), but incredibly wonderful with dinos like Coelophysis (see-lo-FISE-iss) or Therizinosaurus (thair-uh-ZEEN-us-SAWR-us).

If that isn't enough, there are also videos available on some of the pages.  My favorite is the video of alligators hatching, though the video of digging up fossils is a very close second. 

There are slides of things like fossilized dinosaur footprints.  In fact, every time I flip through this book, I discover some other neat little function I hadn't seen before.

The book itself is great, with beautiful illustrations.  But the extras make this a 5 star item.  My kids, ages 6-15, all love Dinosaurs for Kids, and I do as well.

You can watch a video here:

Disclaimer:   I received this ibook for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.

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