Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally Done!

Oh, what a pain!  But I'm pretty sure I got everything transferred from my old blog to this one.  I debated deleting stuff that was out of date, but I went ahead and left it all in.  I suspect I still have a couple spots where there will be broken links.  If you find one, write a comment!!

And I added the little graphic to show it, but I'm on the Homeschool Review Crew for 2009-10!!  I'm really excited about the chance to look over a bunch of great homeschool 'stuff' and write about it.  I love to give my opinions, LOL!  It's made decision-making rather tough right now, though.  I'm hoping that at some point fairly soon we will get an idea as to what goodies we could be seeing, so I can make decisions about where to spend my limited homeschool budget.

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