Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm so horrible about posting!

I keep wanting to sit down and write something, and there are just so many distractions! So, here is a general catch-up type post, and maybe once this is out, I can focus on some of the other things I need to be doing.

One thing I am working on is my first review for the TOS Review Crew. I downloaded the new TOS Planner, and am struggling to review it. I'm hoping, actually, to get to bed really really early on Friday, and then on Saturday morning, hopefully, I can get up early, grab my laptop and purse, and head to town. I have a free breakfast at Panera Bread coming (thanks to the library's adult reading program), and I want to sit in a corner and play with the planner, before I go pick up Connor from Scout camp.

Which is number two... Connor is off at Boy Scout camp this week, and it is a little weird. Last year, Dale was with him for most of the week, so even if I didn't know what was going on, I wasn't worried about whether or not he was eating enough, brushing his teeth, changing his underwear, or getting to where he needed to be when he needed to be.

I'm not terribly worried about all that this year either, but I just want to touch base and know how things are going. Like how is the instructional swim working out? Is there any chance he will pass his BSA Swimmer test tomorrow? That is virtually all he needs to do to finish off First Class, and he is hoping so much...

Other things happening for him at camp -- he is working on his camping merit badge (which is Eagle required) and he should end up pretty close to finishing that. He needs a couple more nights of camping with the scouts (only one week of summer camp counts, so he is only at 18 nights and he needs 20). He is working on his fishing merit badge, which I'm sure he is loving. And he is working on Orienteering too. I'm sure he is having a lot of fun, learning a bunch... and I can't wait to see him on Saturday!

Then there is a summer Bible study happening. Only it isn't actually Bible study. The group is reading through Purpose Driven Life. I did put the book on hold at the library, so I'll get it today. I just don't know though. I've read so many things about this book, and I'll miss a couple sessions with travel. I'm not sure.

William is really stepping up to the plate as biggest brother this week. And we started doing our "summer school" for reading instruction. He's making progress in Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. I thought that this was too ambitious of a project for him, but he is motivated. I'm hoping it will be a good thing.

Good news on the Thomas front... he had his audiologist appointment Monday, and his hearing hasn't changed in the last 2.5 years. The dr. cleaned him out, and he can actually hear me again. (Poor kid!)

And I'm feeling sorry for myself. The CHEC conference starts tomorrow, and I am desperately in need of a shot in the arm as far as this homeschooling thing goes. A daily prayer, I think, needs to be that a new group of homeschoolers will rise up in Colorado, so that those of us who believe there is more than one Christian way to homeschool and who believe in teaching our daughters and not just our sons, that we will have somewhere to find support and encouragement.

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