Monday, July 27, 2009

Exercise, exercise... Week 2

Okay, so I got through one week. Now to do another one.

After some discussion of how much I really hate the Cardio Party workout that is in this rotation, I decided to go ahead and substitute for it. I might be able to handle it once a week for a month, except that the Hard Core Fusion workout incorporates some of the same things I really detest about Party. So... I'm going to force myself to continue Fusion, but sub for Party.

I think I've decided to use Cardio Inferno. It is a shorter workout (30 minutes vs. 40 minutes). It uses light weights, but no other equipment, and it isn't "dancy" at all. As much as I love my "old" Firm, I don't like dragging equipment out and putting it away. I love the idea of getting through one month with no boxes and such.

Again, please, if something stays red, please ask me about it... Saturday is the only day where I won't always be able to update my blog shortly after finishing a workout (not sure how I'm going to handle next Saturday at all... I'm supposed to be picking Connor up at 7:00, which means being out the door before 6, and then he's volunteering until noon... so the earliest I'd be home would be about 1:30. Maybe I can get everyone to go outside that afternoon so I can workout inside ALONE.

I do think I need to adjust my schedule so that I have Saturday as a rest day, instead of Saturday as the longest workout of the week.

Anyway, this week's schedule:

Monday: Hi-Def Sculpt (weights upper body only) DONE
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Hi-Def Sculpt Express (weights for upper body only) DONE
Thursday: Cardio Overdrive Express (no weights) DONE
Friday: Hard Core Fusion (weights for upper body only)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Hi-Def Sculpt

Today's workout was a struggle. Trina and Richard got up before I started to work out, and they were totally obnoxious and difficult. I called Dale and cried, he told me to put their noses on the wall until I was done working out... and voila! I did get through my workout. (I did even let them leave the wall before I finished.) I pre-watched Cardio Inferno, mostly to be sure it wasn't going to be as frustrating as some of these others.

ETA: Wednesday: well, yesterday was a bust. My head was pounding, I felt absolutely miserable all day, and I would have stayed in bed if I thought I could get away with it. So, I did not workout. I decided to use this opportunity to alter my schedule so that I'll have Saturdays off. So, the above is revised to reflect my new plan. Today's workout was great. But the sculpt workouts are always my favorites.

ETA: Friday: I admit it. I didn't complete the workout. I hate it. I have to find another option. I did the first 10 minutes. In that time, Allie admonished me to be "funky" four times, to give her some "attitude" and to give it some "personality." I didn't even get to the Latin dance part, well, not exactly. There was one little cha-cha-cha move in there.

I CANNOT DO THIS WORKOUT! Yes, I'm shouting. I don't care. I'd rather be fat than subject myself to this.

So, I'm writing today off. I'm sleeping in tomorrow and taking my rest day. I'll do the sculpt workout on Sunday morning early (love that one!). And next week? I'll be subbing for Hard Core Fusion. I know I own Firm Cardio+Sculpt workouts that don't leave me standing, watching, saying, "No way, no how" in total frustration. The C+S workouts don't tend to be my favorites, but I don't remember absolutely detesting any of the others.

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