Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Stuff

I'm pretty scattered today.  So just a few random thoughts from my day.

  • It's got to be a good thing when your 5 year old tells you that you should put some Mozart on.  So, of course, we're listening to Mozart right now.
  • William got a haircut and took a shower today.  Any of you with 10 year old boys know what an event that can be  So, in honor of becoming a Boy Scout, he informed me that since he is so much more mature now, he will willingly take a shower before every Court of Honor.  Great.  (Those happen roughly once a quarter, just so you can understand my enthusiasm.  So four days a year he'll shower without kvetching about it.  I want faster progress.)
  • It is a beautiful thing when your kids can make a nice healthy breakfast for everyone on their own.
  • Or when they start telling jokes in Latin, just for fun.
  • And it is really fabulous when a certain 5 year old gets a minor cut, and all three of his big brothers know exactly what to do, and they simply DO IT.  No drama, no looking to me for approval.  They get it done and get on with life.
  • And when I can take a gardening class... on the same day that I have to run into town anyway.  Just me.  Well, me and a hundred other people.  But none of them are going to think they need to sit on my lap, nor will they ask if we can go yet.  

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