Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scouting Saturday

Okay, some photos, since I promised them a couple weeks ago.

Thomas, in blue.  William is looking at the camera.

Those were both taken at popcorn sales last weekend.  We've done fairly well.  William should have most (all?) of Boy Scout summer camp paid for.  Some family members are contributing to the kids' camp funds instead of buying popcorn, so those funds will primarily go to Connor's summer camp.  Connor did a lot of free babysitting while William and Thomas did popcorn sales.  We figure Connor earned the discretionary funds!

So, beginning of month scout report time:

Connor -- he's close to earning Star, as he just needs to put in a couple more weeks of active participation and serving in leadership before doing his scoutmaster conference and board of review.  He's slacking on merit badges lately.  He wants some help trying to map out a plan for the next few weeks, though, so maybe he'll finish off some of these he's been working on.  He'll be finishing up Camping this week, which is Eagle required.  He's also planning to attend a merit badge college in November.  Maybe that will get him a bit more fired up too.

William -- he's been cruising.  His plan for October is to earn the rest of the Activity Badges for Webelos.  He has five left to earn, but for the most part, he just needs one or two requirements for each.  His den has been invited to go camping with the Boy Scouts mid-month, and that will finish off Outdoorsman and probably Arrow of Light.

Thomas -- he has started on his Bear requirements, and has been having a lot of fun.  The new denner (that would be a boy in the den who acts as a leader in the den for a time, and then chooses the next boy for that position) told him that he plans to choose him.  Thomas was very excited about that!

For October, we'll be continuing an outdoor focus in our Scout School time.  And I'm planning a civics focus for November, to correspond with Veteran's Day (the Cubs will be marching in the city Veteran's Day parade).

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Johanna said...

Wow! It sounds like they're doing great! Aaron had his first Scout's activity today - a fishing derby. He had a great time, even though none of the Tigers caught anything! I am going to try to put up some pictures later this week.