Thursday, February 3, 2011

This week in my homeschool

I felt the need for a simple what is going on post.  Lately it has been one review after another.  That will ease up after Monday, by the way.  But I do have a review to write for today, Friday and Monday.

So -- it is a month into the new school year, and I need to attempt to figure out what is working and what is not.

  • We have some cool review products.  Reading Kingdom has been just fabulous for the three boys.  Definitely makes up for the fact that we can't drive to town for the reading tutoring we had been doing.  However, the jury is still out about it for Trina.  She's 4, and I think she needs something else for a bit, to help get her ready.  But she's having fun, and I'll have her continue until the review is due.  Then we'll see.  Maybe she is getting more out of this than I think.
  • What I'm seriously considering for Trina at the moment is to pull out All About Spelling and work on those first couple of lessons with her, fairly informally.  I swore I wasn't starting her in AAS until Connor finished... but now I'm having to rethink that position.
  • Just what makes up a Freshman English class anyway?  I assume I do continue with spelling, even though most high school English classes wouldn't be doing it.  He needs it.  I need to buckle down and be consistent, and then he'd be DONE with All About Spelling.  Or at least done with the levels that currently exist.
  • Yesterday we figured out how to get one of the PCs to work with the internet.  So that means all of the online stuff we are reviewing no longer HAS to be done on my laptop.  I miss having multiple computers, I'm telling you.  You're free to comment and just say, "Duh!"
  • I adore Institute for Excellence in Writing and all their materials.  Adore them.  I think I blogged about that a month or so ago. It's all still true. 
  • It is really hard to get excited about reviewing a program we don't get to keep.  I hate putting the effort into learning about it when I know we will not have it here after this month ends.  It makes me cranky.  I know, I need to look at the glass as half-full.  I don't have the same attitude towards 2-3 month subscriptions to an online program.  <sigh> Why can't I see this one in the same light?
  • Oh, and the product I'm reviewing tomorrow -- can you say beyond perfect for my family?  Since the review is tomorrow though, I'm not saying more right now.
I think I need to end it there.   And go write a review (or two, or three)


Lauren in GA said...

You asked about Freshman English . . .. my initial research shows no spelling (as you mentioned), but literature, composition and vocabulary. I am on my way to look at a Bob Jones Freshman English text, since it seems like a good measuring stick for that sort of thing.

Debra said...

You know, I never thought to check out a text like Bob Jones. Duh.

I know I need to keep spelling going for THIS child, and lit, composition and vocabulary are being covered. If you find anything else, let me know.

I have an email half-written to you about ancient history. Gotta finish that...

Michelle Smith said...

Debra, many high school English classes also contain a grammar component, yet it may only be done for 9 weeks or half a class for one semester or whatever. In other words, some grammar is good. We're using Editor in Chief right now, but something like Analytical Grammar, Fix It by IEW, etc. should be fine.