Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bountiful Baskets April 14

What a great Bountiful Baskets day!!  We were back to the normal (too stinkin' early) time.  I didn't sleep well last night, so when the alarm went off, I decided that getting up before 4:00 a.m. was simply not going to work for me today.  So I did not volunteer.

I had two baskets, plus a box of Roma tomatoes.  My plan for the tomatoes is to do a whole lot of mild salsa, as we are down to the last half of the last jar.  Which meant I was needing to purchase green peppers, onions and Anaheim peppers.  I have very limited funds for grocery purchasing this week, so I was a bit concerned.

Here are (not terribly good) photos of one of the baskets.  First, the fruit:

  • 6 bananas (the other basket had 7)
  • 8 oranges (the other basket had 7)
  • 5 kiwi
  • 4 enormous lemons (the other basket had 3)
  • 11 Cripps Pink apples
  • 6 Red D'Anjou pears

And then the veggies.  Can you take one look and see why I was nearly crying?

  • 11 Roma tomatoes
  • 4 green peppers
  • 2 large onions
  • 5 zucchini
  • 4 yellow squash
  • big bag of Brussels sprouts
  • 1 head of leaf lettuce
Yeah.  Onions and green peppers.  So I only had to purchase chili peppers, and I've got the salsa covered.  What an amazing blessing that is.

Plans for the food --
  • The fruit, besides the lemons, will just get eaten.  And we're really excited about all of it.  The pink apples are probably my new favorite, and it has been ages since we've had kiwi.
  • The green peppers, onions and tomatoes are going to be salsa.  Okay, well, maybe not all of the tomatoes.
  • Salads with the lettuce.  I'm thinking about doing up some salad in a jar thing I saw somewhere in the last couple weeks.
  • Brussels sprouts -- because I have pounds and pounds of potatoes, plus lots of carrots, plus sweet potatoes... I'll be trying a recipe for Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts.  Only I'm not buying parsnips.  I will also be doing a Rachael Ray recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Bacon.  We've had that one before.
  • I'll be trying a Paula Deen recipe for Squash Casserole.  It's similar to another recipe I haven't been able to find.
  • The lemons are my mystery food.  These puppies are HUGE.  I need to figure out something to do with them, as this is way more lemon than I'd normally use.
I'm linking up to a Bountiful Baskets Linky Party over at Healthy Mom's Kitchen.  Check them out if you are looking for more ideas for this week's basket!


nerys said...

Lemon curd!

Nisha said...

Thanks for linking up! My kids are waiting for a warm and sunny day to use those lemons for a lemonade stand.