Monday, June 11, 2012

Making Plans for Summer Reading Programs

It is time for a new Crew Year, and another Blog Cruise.  I really hope to actually participate more this year.  This year, instead of a question, we've got a basic category. 

This week, the category is:  Summer Reading

And since every year about this time, I sit down and make a list of the various Summer Reading Programs I plan for the kids to participate in, I figured right now is the time.

The library is the obvious first step.  My library is amazing.  Fun programs with lot of really great prizes.  And for the first time in awhile, I don't have children who are volunteering.  Not sure how that happened.

Richard and Trina will participate in Dream Big: Read!  They get to color in a space for every 20 minute of reading.  Prizes include a whole lotta great coupons, and a book at the end.  There is also a bonus program, which gets them entered into drawings for some big prizes.

The other three will participate in Own the Night, the teen reading program.  This will be the first year Thomas will do this, and it is a bit of a challenge for him.  This program involves reading nine books, and prizes include coupons, a t-shirt, and a book.  Finishing all 9 also gets them into a drawing for an e-reader.  Their bonus program involves all kinds of great things, including reading more books, using online library resources, or writing a book review for the PPLD Teen site.  This also gets them into prize drawings.

Check out your library district to see what they offer.  We always have fun playing ours!

Barnes & Noble is hosting Imagination's Destination.  Theirs runs until September 4, so we usually finish the library one, then focus on B&N.  Read eight books, fill in a bit of information about each, and bring the sheet to your local Barnes & Noble to get a free book.  Trina can choose from books like Danny and the Dinosaur, Lego Hero Factory: Meet the Heroes, and National Geographic Readers Series: Titanic.  Richard is likely to choose The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Thomas is likely to choose The Phantom Tollbooth.

Meanwhile, the older kids (and I) will be participating in Tyndale's Summer Reading Program.  The Teen program is here.  For the Teens, they read a book from their list, and write a summary.  Three books and they get to select a free one from the same list.  I will let William read a book and count it for both the library and Tyndale's program, as this is something that will be a stretch for him.  The teen/kid books include titles from the Time Stumblers series, from the Imagination Station series, from the Passages series, and others.  I am tempted to have Connor do the regular reading program also, which would involve him sharing about five books online.  Titles there include As One Devil to Another (which is on his summer reading list already!), SEAL of God, God on the Streets of Gotham, and I'm sure he could find two more.

We are giving serious thought to participating in the Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge.  You read all the books from one of their two lists, and bring it in for a free book.  The problem is that a couple of the titles on each list seem a bit hard to locate.  This one runs through August 31.  This one would only be for Richard and Trina.

What do you do for Summer Reading?  You can read what my Crewmates think-- starting tomorrow -- at the Crew page!

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Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Thanks for posting! I didn't know Pottery Barn had a reading list. I'll be adding that one to what we do!