Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reading Aloud Challenge: November 20

Uff-dah.  Well, I committed to posting every week, so post I will.  I have almost nothing to write about though.  Kids have been feeling off a bunch, and we've had a lot more running around than usual.  Plus most of the running around did not involve everyone... which means no audiobooks going.

So what have we been reading aloud this past week?

Made in Heaven by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto.  We are continuing to (allegedly) read a two-page spread daily.  Um, or not.  We only did one this week.  This book is great.

The American Patriot's Almanac by William Bennett.  We're reading from this one daily too.  Short little reading relating to something that happened on this day in American history, along with a listing of things that happened.  We're loving it.  I have this on my Kindle.

Various books about the exploration of America with Richard and Trina.  I probably should keep track of these, but they are just short one-sitting books, and when I think in terms of read-alouds, I really have in mind the longer-term materials.

Goals for next week:  I don't know.  It is Thanksgiving, and we have no major plans for anything.  I think we'll try to get through Anne's House of Dreams (which we never even touched last week), and I still want to figure out a big read-aloud for William and Thomas, and one for Richard and Trina.  But honestly, that may wait for next week.  This coming week may be pretty light on the reading too.

Rules for this linkup - if you are blogging about things you are reading aloud to your children, or just blogging about reading aloud in general, feel free to link up.  Audiobooks count too.  I would very much appreciate if you link back to this post.  I'll leave the linky open through Monday at midnight.

How about you? 

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