Monday, January 12, 2015

When the Game Stands Tall {a Family Christian review}

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I don't watch a lot of football.  I used to.  But my husband isn't a big sports fan, and it just isn't the priority for me that it once was.

However, I am still a fan of my original alma mater, North Dakota State University.  They've won three national championships in a row, and this past weekend they were going for four in a row, against Illinois.

A friend let us come over, as we don't have ESPN, so we could watch the game.  I wore my Bison sweater, we had lots of good food, it was a great day.  I watched the game, hoping to catch a glimpse of my parents in the stands, but being rather complacent about the game itself.

Because the Bison have done so well.  I just knew they'd win.  After all, for the seniors on the team, they've never lost a national championship.  In fact, they've only lost three college games.  I didn't expect a nail-biter.

Not exactly the makings of a sports movie.  Sports movies always feature a team that is down and out.  They aren't expected to do well.  But they have pluck and determination, and a coach who spurs them on to greatness.  They overcome horridly rude opponents, discrimination, awful schedules, and a myriad of other setbacks, and surprise everyone by winning in the end.

Or at least that is the formula I'm used to.

When the Game Stands Tall follows a different formula.  It starts off with a Christian high school team who has a hundreds-of-games (151 of them) winning streak going.  As in, they haven't lost a game in DECADES.  They don't expect to lose anytime soon either, as they have a strong team and great coaches.  Everyone expects the streak will continue. 

Lots of horrible things happen, and the team stops acting like a team.  They get away from their fundamentals, which have everything to do with everyone setting goals involving a perfect effort, and a focus on love and family.

It was refreshing, really, to have the exact opposite of the majority of the sports flicks out there.  This isn't Cinderella finally getting a chance to be noticed.  This is the folks on the top, the ones who have everything going right. And what happens when they lose that golden touch.

A bit like Job.

What happens when things aren't going my way?  Do I praise God in the storms?

Do you?

Will this team and this coach?

We loved the movie here.  Family Christian brought another winner to my home for this review.

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