Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Stuff for this Friday

I have a bazillion blog posts swirling in my brain, but haven't had the chance to write any of them up.  So here is a quick random update on me!
  • Starbucks.  Alone.  I'm telling you, this is amazing.  I think, though, that I finally used up my birthday giftcards.  
  • I'm going to be spending the weekend with a whole lotta tomatoes.  Making salsa, spaghetti sauce... and maybe just some plain ol' canned ones... I am going to be busy.  If I whine, someone remind me that I'm going to be grateful this fall and winter.
  • My two oldest are finally done volunteering for the summer reading program on Saturdays.  So, naturally, that means they are working on an Eagle project tomorrow.  Something for a domestic violence shelter, maybe?  Theoretically, they have next Saturday off though.
  • I have to bring a side dish to the Court of Honor on Monday.  Think I can come up with something that will use some of the 35 pounds of tomatoes we'll have? (Yes, suggestions are welcome!)
  • The volunteer position I have with the TOS Crew is <drum roll please> now a paid one!  
  • But that means I have to figure out a whole bunch of forms to keep track of my time.  One of many reasons I'm no longer in public accounting is because I hated tracking my time to the minute...
  • I'm going to be posting a whole bunch of book reviews next week.  And pretty soon, I'll have to be backing off from the non-Homeschool Crew reviews some.  It is so hard to figure out a balance.
  • I think my school plans are firming up, and I hoped to post in the Not Back to School Blog Hop... maybe I'll get that done tomorrow.
  • Oh, and I've mentioned it on Facebook, but not here... my oldest two are doing the Couch Potato to 5K... and <ahem> I'm at least sort of joining them.  THEY plan to continue on, with the hope of doing at least a half marathon with Uncle Jeff next summer.  I have no such plans...  my goal would be to be in good enough shape to stand on the sidelines and cheer.  Of course, I have to remember to take my allergy meds if I am going to be up to any sort of running in the mornings.  Or the evening, in the case of tomorrow (we are NOT going running at 4:30 am.  No, no, no, no.)
So that's my life in a nutshell at the moment.  And I just realized that I totally forgot to post a read-aloud post yesterday.  It's the allergy medication's fault.  Yikes.  So I'll do that here in a few minutes.  Oops.


Heidi said...

I'm so glad you're not a volunteer anymore, Debra. Your work needs recognized! LOVE having you on my team.

Debra said...

I'm thrilled to be on your team!