Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: August 4 (or 5!)

I cannot believe I totally forgot to post yesterday!  Here's my whiny excuse... I did not take allergy medication Tuesday night, or Wednesday... and it caught up with me Thursday morning.  I had a pounding headache and just felt miserable.  I took a couple long naps, and obviously DID take my medicine.  I felt horrible most of the day.  And reading aloud never once occurred to me -- either to DO it, or to write about it.  <sigh>

So this week...

If Animals Could Talk: 
Creation Speaks for ItselfWe finished If Animals Could Talk.  This went back to being just to William, as it was just that kind of a week.

Passport to the World: 
Your A to Z Guided Language TourPassport to the World. Thomas is doing this for the Master Books program, and he is enjoying it.  We finished it too.  That July 31 deadline is responsible for almost all our read-alouds this week.

Exploring the World Around
 You: A Look at Nature from Tropics to TundraExploring the World Around You is another one I've been reading with William for the Master Books program, and (shhh!) we finished it on August 1, not July 31, but I still filled out the Master Books form saying that we read it in July.  It was so close, and he worked SO hard...

And that is it.

We've done nothing since Monday.

Plans for this coming week? No idea.  How pathetic is that?

How did your week go?  Hopefully better than mine!  Sign the linky to link up your reading aloud post and I'll definitely come visit your post.   Love having you here... 

To see my first post when this turned into a linky thing, check here.


Jennifer said...

What is the Master Books program for children?

Michelle Smith said...

Well, really, you still did pretty well with your reading aloud report. And those look like really good books. We read about the same, only most of ours were shorter books. I'm sure we'll both be reading more interesting and longer books in a few weeks. :)

Debra said...

Jennifer -- I posted about all the summer reading programs I had the kids doing here:

The Master Books one is over, unfortunately. The deal was your child read 3 books in June, or 3 books in July, from a list given by Master Books (listed by age) and then they could request one of the listed prizes.

Richard & Trina did it in June, and their prizes arrived a week or so ago. Thomas and William did theirs in July, so we haven't seen anything yet. They'll be getting Our Created Moon and The Complete Zoo Adventure (I think).

Connor chose not to do it, as we already own the prize for teens, and he had a lot going on. Though it turns out he probably could have counted it for July... maybe I should have done that and hosted a giveaway. :)

Tyndale's is still going... my kids need to get forms filled out for them.

Tess said...

I actually did some reading aloud this week! It felt good too. Now if I can keep it up this coming week :)