Friday, August 9, 2013

Curriculum Plans for 2013-14

How in the world did it get to be time for me to be planning out such high grades?  My kids are going to be in 11th, 9th, 7th, 4th and 2nd grades this year, and I just can't believe that.

It's true though.  And I need to have a plan.  So, subject to change, here is what I have planned for school for this year.  I'm only linking something the first time it is mentioned.

Connor, 11th grade:
William, 9th grade:
Thomas, 7th grade:
  • English: Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings; Logic of English.
  • Math: Math U See Zeta, and then Probably VideoText Algebra, at a slower pace than William
  • History: Sonlight's world history (combination of Cores G & H)
  • Science: He'll be taking a Marine Biology course through Bridgeway/Learning Lab to start the year, then doing Apologia General Science
  • Foreign Language: Visual Latin
  • Tech: The Computer Science Course through
  • Philosophy Adventure & A Child's Geography Volume III
  • Artistic Pursuits
Richard, 4th grade:
Katrina, 2nd grade:
  • English: Logic of English.  Lit from Reading Roadmaps and/or  Reading Kingdom
  • Math: Math U See Beta
  • History: Sonlight's world history (combination of Cores B & C).  Very loosely.  Maybe.
  • Science: Apologia's Astronomy with Supercharged Science; probably something else around February
  • Foreign Language: Flip Flop Spanish
  • A Child's Geography Volume III
  • Artistic Pursuits
Looks fun, huh?

I'm looking this all over and thinking I must be insane.  Much of this, though, either I'm doing with multiple kids, and/or they are able to do it without me.  Good thing, too, as I know I can't teach calculus.


Chris said...

Debra, Since Connor is one year ahead of Nolan, I always love hearing what you're doing. Let me know how the AP Calculus works out. That is far, far out of my knowledge base, so if Nolan wants to take it, it will be outsourced for sure. That would be 12th grade for him. He is doing Algebra 2 this year, so either AP Stats or pre-calc next year.

Kayla Rice said...

You are going to have one awesome and busy year! I look forward to reading all about it.