Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: True U - Is the Bible Reliable?

I was fortunate enough, a couple of years ago, to attend the live session of a massive Truth Project training seminar that was broadcast from Focus on the Family.  My family went through The Truth Project (including the kids) and they went through The Truth Chronicles.

While my nearly-teen (Connor turned 13 in the few weeks we took to watch the DVDs) got a lot out of both productions, and he enjoyed them, he was really "too old" for The Truth Chronicles, and in The Truth Project Del Tackett is definitely speaking to adults.

So knowing that True U was coming out, and it was going to be actually addressed to high school and college students, well, I was excited.  Through Tyndale, I was able to attend a True U presentation with Dr. Stephen Meyer at Focus on the Family.  I purchased the first volume of True U there -- Does God Exist?  Connor received it for Christmas.

He loved it.  Finding that each segment is introduced and closed by Dave Stotts was a huge bonus (we love Dave's Drive-Thru History DVDs and own every one of them).  And Connor loved Dr. Meyer.  Clearly, Dr. Meyer is accustomed to talking to young adults, and it shines through in the video.  His presentations are engaging, funny, and energetic.  He says things in a way that sticks with you.

When I had the chance to review Is the Bible Reliable? -- well, to say "I jumped at the chance" is a bit of an understatement.  "I screamed" is a bit closer to reality.

Am I ever glad I did (review this, that is -- the screaming was optional).  As much as we liked Volume 1, well, we absolutely loved Volume 2.  Volume 1 is subtitled "building the scientific case" and to some extent, it is material we have heard before.  Presented fabulously, but still, a lot of stuff we've heard elsewhere.

Volume 2 is subtitled, "building the historical case" and it is amazing.  Dr. Meyer traces through the Bible, starting with "In the Footsteps of Abraham" and ending with "The Trial of Jesus."  All along the way, Dr. Meyer is presenting archaeological evidence and it was fascinating.  Absolutely fascinating.  My ten year old didn't really watch the first True U set.  He insisted on being a part of this one, though, as he wants to go into archaeology when he grows up, and this is exactly the kind of work he wants to be doing.

And again, Dave Stotts is providing the introductory and concluding comments to each segment.

The program comes with two DVDs containing ten half-hour lessons, plus a book containing extra information, cartoons, quizzes, etc.

I don't have the words to express how strongly I feel about this program.  I think every Christian teen needs to watch this series before heading off to college or out into the world.  And if they are heading off to college, they need to own the DVDs and rewatch them.

I will, if necessary, give up food in order to purchase future volumes of True U.  How's that for an endorsement?

Disclaimer:   I received this DVD set for free from Tyndale House Publishers.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.  

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