Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bountiful Baskets: September 15

No pretty picture.  No exact amounts either.

Yesterday was pretty crazy with Scout popcorn sales, so I'm posting after the fact just to force myself to think about what we'll be doing.

Oh, Colorado is going to every week, starting in October!  I am excited.  I think we can adjust the food budget a bit so that we can do every week.  I hope so!  I am going to be the backup volunteer site coordinator, probably for the B week.

Anyway, all I got this past week was two baskets.  Roughly, I think this is what we got, combining the baskets.  Roughly.  Kids have already eaten fruit, but the veggie stuff should at least be accurate.

  • 3 bunches of leaf lettuce: I need to be sure to get them stored away well so we don't end up tossing any.  It's been a bit of lettuce overload lately, and with people being sick, we actually ended up tossing lettuce.  That's the first in a long time that I've thrown out a significant amount of produce.
  • loose radishes -- a pound and a half.  Still thinking on this.
  • 2 English cucumbers -- refrigerator pickles.
  • 3 big bunches of broccoli -- I'll put some in a "free food" container in the fridge too, so it will be snacked on.  And we'll eat broccoli with dinner at least once while Dale is away.  Probably more than once. We shouldn't need to freeze any.
  • 4 pounds of carrots, plus one -- I have so many carrots.  I think I'm going to can carrots this week.  I'm also going to buy celery (gasp!  I never buy produce at the store anymore!) and saute up the carrot/celery/onion bit for the freezer.  Probably with some radishes tossed in too.
  • 7 gorgeous green bell peppers.  Two of those are my volunteer extra.  I'm going to be doing some salsa this week, and will probably chop and freeze some of these.  And just use some.
  • 16 yams -- which will be a couple meals, next week probably, with yams as the veggie.
The fruit -- combined -- and some of this is a guess:
  • 2 mini watermelons.  
  • 10 oranges
  • 12-14 apples.  Unfortunately, these are what the kids ate yesterday.  You know, because they'll last the longest.
  • 14 bananas.  These look like we can eat them starting tomorrow.
  • 22.  Very ripe.  Need to be eaten very soon.
Great basket.  And after typing that up, it doesn't look like I have a whole lot of work in front of me.

I'm trying to figure out how I got 4 pounds of carrots though.  I got one basket that had an extra lettuce, and another that had an extra carrot (1 pound bags), so I should have had 3 pounds (plus the extra carrot). 

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