Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's happening in my kitchen

Otherwise known as -- what I've been up to in stocking my pantry.

I did this a couple weeks ago, with This Week's Kitchen Adventures.  I need to do this every week.  Keep me on top of dealing with the things that come into my life.

So, this week, I juiced a bagful of limes.  I got nearly a quart of lime juice.  I plan to turn that into limeade concentrate. I'm considering freezing a bit of it though.  Love, love, love the juicer thing I bought a couple weeks ago.

I've been getting peppers into my freezer.  Bell peppers, Hatch chilies (roasted and non-roasted). Basically, I chop and freeze on foil, then bag up so that I can get what I need when I need it.  I've read that I ought to be blanching them, or sauteing them... but I just have never seen where it makes a big difference.

I mashed up my finally ripe avocados and froze them.  I'm the only person who will eat guacamole, but... I find that I can blend a half-avocado into soup, or into various mexican-ish dishes and nobody seems to notice.  I even blended half an avocado into an alfredo-type dish.  The key is to do it when nobody is looking.

Here in a bit (now that the dishes are washed) I'm going to be using the last of our box of peaches to make a pie.  That isn't exactly storing things up for the long-term.  This is more of a confession.  I intended that I would take this huge box of peaches and store some.  Instead, we've eaten all but a few, and those will soon be pie.

I have something like 8 plums that I have to do something with TODAY.  I'm still trying to figure out just what.

I also have roughly 10 pounds of tomatoes that I'll be storing up in some way tomorrow.

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