Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just stuff

I used to write posts like this more often.  Now, I think I Facebook all these little things, which means I don't really have a great record of them.

So here goes.  Random things this week --
  • Connor finally seems to be taking high school seriously.  About time.  I'm hoping this will last.
  • I'm feeling really yucky this weekend.  I'm grateful beyond belief on the timing.  This is about the only weekend I have had recently (or will have in the near future) where I really don't have to be anywhere.
  • There is a pretty good chance that Thomas will be doing his first Board of Review in scouts tomorrow night, and moving up to the Tenderfoot rank.  He's practically earned Second Class too, so he should be able to do the BOR for that next month.
  • We're about halfway through Dale's miserable travel schedule for work.  We do get a lot done when he is out of town though, so that part has been great.  It is weird though
  • Registering for the PSAT is not fun.
  • I still adore the lime juicer thing I splurged on a couple weeks ago.
  • We need to save up to get William a Kindle Fire.  The new ones have this "immersion" capability that allows them to listen *AND* see the ebook... and the passages in the book are highlighted.  oh. my.  I'm crying just thinking about it.
  • My kids are busy reorganizing my cupboards for me.  I needed that.  I desperately need to get a better idea as to what we have, and to figure out what to do with the things we have a plethora of.  Because, of course, I'm already learning that we have about 30 cans of corn.  I thought we were out.  <sigh>
  • I meant to be doing some type of a preparedness post each week too, talking about what I'm preserving or otherwise what I'm up to.  I need to do that.

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