Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who me? Intimidated by a group of little girls?

Trina is starting American Heritage Girls tonight.

I'm completely intimidated. 

First off, it is the unknown, I suppose. I know almost nothing about AHG.  Just that they do programs for girls from kindergarten through 12th grades, and that they have the chance to earn merit badges.  And some of the sisters of my boys' friends attend this troop.  At least I think they are called troops.

I know the location.  We used to vote there.  But it isn't like I know exactly where I'm going.  Someone will undoubtedly help us find the room.  So that can't be the anxiety.

No, the anxiety is the whole idea of intentionally interacting with a group of just girls.  And Trina being in a room of just 1st to 3rd grade girls. 

I'm being stretched.  I know it.  I avoided situations like this when I was a 1st through 3rd grade girl, you know? I lived in neighborhoods with only boys.  I had friends who were girls, but aside from birthday parties, we usually only got together one-on-one.  If I was around a group of kids, they were likely to be almost all boys, or at most a 50-50 type of group.

I confessed this to my boy scouts on the way home last night.  Connor reassured me.  Or something.  "Mom," said he, "that is one more thing we have in common. We don't understand girls."

Thanks, hon.  I feel so much better.

I'm going to survive this, right?  Trina is going to thrive, right?

I have to think that I'm doing the right thing.  What I want to do is chuck the whole concept.  This is so far outside my comfort zone I can't even begin to describe it.


Anne said...

You'll do fine. I was the same way. I have two older brothers I always tagged along with (a sister too, but she was so much older that I actually avoided talking to her when she came back home to visit). My daughter has the complete opposite personality of me. So she was so excited to start AHG. So much so that I am the troop coordinator! I'm on my 4th year now. I've learned a lot (like the RIGHT group of girls doesn't have to be so scarry) and now I LOVE it!

LuckyFindFabrics said...

Starting in on my third year with AHG, and I can reassure you with one thing -- with that many girls, you WILL find some you understand. Some you won't. Some are tomboys. Some are girly-girls. Some are loud and outgoing. Some are quiet and reserved. That's the beauty of it -- they all get to spend time learning to get along. Better yet, there's plenty of caring, adult supervision to make sure they DO learn to get along, and it never turns into a playground free-for-all. You'll get the hang of it, and so will your daughter. It's great. Really it is. After the first night, anyway. :)

clbu224 said...

When my Mom started my AHG troop back in the '90s I remember her and the other troop leader sitting out in our driveway (with the car still running) on Thursday night's talking about things from that night's leader's meeting. I often wondered what they talked about out there for so long... Likely it was some of the same things you're feeling--uncertainty of how to do things, how to approach a room of just girls... However, they made it through with grace (and lots of fun!) and I'm sure you will do the same--your daughter will appreciate you for it!

Merrill said...

I'm a volunteer leader with the oldest two units at my troop. Just remember, chances are- these girls are going to love you for spending time with them. Let that sooth your mind.

And, whenever I get worried about a situation I'm going into, I remember this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhOrxkGlLDM