Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bountiful Baskets: October 12

So this week was the first week with new surcharges and such designed to make Bountiful Baskets more bountiful.  My take is that it was effective.  The basket is still available for a $15 contribution, but instead of a flat $1.50 processing fee, the fees vary by state.  I pay $3.50 per order.

This week, I got three baskets and a box of Mixed Pears.  Wow, just wow.  Lots of produce in my house now.

Between the 3 baskets, I got:
  • 4 bunches of asparagus
  • 4 containers grape tomatoes
  • 3 bunches of celery
  • 3 heads green leaf lettuce
  • 11 green bell peppers
  • 12-13 pounds of potatoes
  • 8 grapefruit
  • 14 Asian pears
  • 9 red pears
  • 33 Granny Smith apples
  • 37 bananas
I'm so excited.  We're nearly out of produce, so we can definitely make use of it all.
  • Potatoes and all of the fruit will just be eaten.
  • Lettuce and grape tomatoes will become salads.
  • Asparagus -- we're having asparagus for a few meals here this week, and I've heard you can freeze it, so I will freeze one bunch just to see how I like that.
  • Celery -- I have a few carrots and quite a few of onions on hand.  I'm processing a bunch for the freezer.  (chop equal amounts of the three, saute, freeze)
  • Bell peppers - undoubtedly, we'll use some.  But I'm taking a bunch and sauteing with onions for the freezer.
Oh, and I also got the Pear Pack.  A whole bunch of yummy looking pears. 3 lb. bag of Bartlett Pears, 3 larger California Bartlett Pears, 7 Asian Pears, 4 Crimson Pears, 4 Danjou Pears, 6 Bosc Pears and 5 Comice Pears.

No lack of fresh fruit in this household this week!

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