Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random stuff for the 7th of November

It's been ages since I've written a "just stuff" post.  So here goes.
  • It's impossible to homeschool when half of us are sick.  It just is.
  • I'm too young to have three teen-aged sons.  I am.  Okay, I'm not too young.  But I'm also not ready.
  • I wish Yahoo Groups would stop making changes that make it impossible to ever find anything.  
  • 16 baskets.  I'm starting to get a complex.  My Bountiful Baskets site needs something more, something to encourage participation again.  
  • I'm so very, very thankful for a whole bunch of really amazing people in my life.
  • Three teens.  Not possible.  
  • William is definitely in another growth spurt.  The pants I just bought him, you know, for the wedding about five weeks ago?  Yeah.  Too short.  His dad was in the kitchen (with shoes on) and William (in socks) was standing next to him.  I'm pretty sure William was taller.  Not quite ready for that either.
  • Oh, I used the self-cleaning feature of my oven for the first time.  And it is a whole lot cleaner.  That was pretty exciting.
  • Because we don't spend enough time doing volunteer work, we signed on to help with a Mobile Food Pantry once a month. I'm thrilled.  
  • And it is possible I'll be training so I can do a bit more for the regular food pantry at the church too.
  • Oh, and I had another one of those conversations about abortion, where I was asked what I'm doing about the issue.  You know, because if I'm not actively involved in helping then I'm not entitled to have an opinion.  I hate that argument.  And no, I'm not directly involved in the pro-life movement.  I am hands-on involved in hunger issues, and I don't think that means I'm any more entitled to have an opinion on food issues than the next person.  My opinion may be more informed, but you don't have to work in a food pantry to know that it is sad that so many families struggle to put food on the table. 
  • My first baby's due date was 17 years ago next week.  It has me praying for all the moms out there whose infant loss event (or events) is still oh-so-hard and painful.  And of course, that baby proves I am old enough to have four teens.  Ouch.
  • We had a way cool delivery today, and Thomas is going to be getting one fabulous gift for his birthday.  The one where he turns 12 again.
  • I have a houseful of incredible products that I'm reviewing right now.  I love my job.

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