Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A real look into my homeschool this week

Okay, I have a million things I should be doing right now, but I wanted to give you a glimpse at real-life homeschooling in my household.

First -- three different kids have puked this week.  I believe all of us are coughing.  We didn't even eat dinner last night, because it never occurred to any of us that maybe we ought to.  Sore throats, headaches, and exhaustion -- that pretty much sums it up.

Some kids feel better than others.  Mom is barely holding it together too.

All of that means -- all my beautiful plans for the week?  Not happening.  None of it.

What have we actually done?
  • Connor has been on the computer doing his calculus, or attending his Spanish class, but mostly he has slept.  Or gone over to church to help unload 800 pounds of food from Care & Share.
  • William and Thomas have watched their MathTutorDVD lessons.  And they have slept.  And slept some more.  And I think they slipped a nap in there.
  • Richard and Trina have spent a whole lot of time watching MathTacular.  Lots of time.  They've also been working in the kitchen -- reading the instructions on the pudding box and making pudding, reading the instructions on the ramen noodles and making ramen, etc.  (They are the only ones who seem to care about eating at the moment.)  They played a tiny bit with Mango Languages (and decided that they are going to learn German, because they want to understand the Nazis in WWII movies.)  They also helped with the 800 pounds of food.
That is it so far.

This post is going up simply because some people seem to think I'm doing a better job of this homeschool gig than they are.

The bottom line:  none of us have it together all of the time.  And that is okay.  My kids may not really learn much this week, at all.  That happens sometimes.  We probably won't make up for it next week.  But maybe the week after that...


Kate said...

I love you. Thanks for sharing this. :+) Kate

Unknown said...

Feel better soon guys!!

Sharon said...

Sorry you guys are not feeling well. We have sick ones running around here, too. No puking thankfully!

Everyone completed math today. I am claiming it a success. Yes, I am.

Now to actually have clean kitchen towels in the kitchen.....

Chris Worthy said...

You are a wonderful mom! :) Hope you all are feeling better.

Laura O in AK said...

As much as I despise having sickness in the house, I am so grateful that as a homeschooler I can be flexible when life throws a curve ball.

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Jennifer Lambert said...

praying for y'all. no comparing! little successes. xo

Clarissa said...

this was great! (except the sick part, sorry!)... i think most of us can relate to days/weeks like this! and the good news is, our kids are still learning and growing, in real life!!