Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scouting Decisions

So, I had a fabulous day yesterday.  Until we got to scouts.

Cub Scouts ended up having a parent meeting while the kids were doing an amazing science "class" as a pack.  The parent meeting was held because the church where we meet is no longer going to allow us to meet on Monday nights.

Starting in April, we will meet on Wednesday nights instead.


I don't know what to do.  We have one car.  Dale can get off work early on Mondays, but Wednesdays?  Not likely.  At least not consistently.

My Tiger den is decimated (in the modern definition of the word) as well.  One child has church.  One dad works Wednesday night and cannot change that at all.  One child is my son.  And one child will have to choose between Awanas and Cub Scouts.  Obviously, since he'll be a Den of One, the choice is likely to be Awanas.

I spoke with one of the Webelos den leaders, and he will no longer be able to attend.

Connor and William's patrol leader is not going to be able to attend on Wednesdays.


Do we just not attend until we are able to fix our car situation?  Do we find a different pack/troop?  Do we switch to Lone Scouting?  Connor is working towards Eagle though, at the moment, and that just sounds so much more difficult as a Lone Scout. 



Michelle Smith said...

I'm sorry, Debra. I'll pray for wisdom and direction for you and your boys in this.

And, just so you know, the Lone Scout program has not been terribly difficult to manage. A man whose work schedule has made it difficult for him to participate in the local council stepped right up and became my son's Scoutmaster. He lets us know each week what his day off will be. Since we homeschool, we work around that and schedule in 2 or 3 hours for a meeting. Actually, it is working much better because my son is getting much more accomplished with the personalized attention given him.

I realize that you may want to have your younger boys in a Troop and Pack, though.

Jennifer said...

Since we have bounced between so many scout troops because of our moves, I would suggest you would go see what other troops out there. In Montana, Alex and the boys visited several troops over the first 6 months we were there before they found one that was the right fit. It sounds like a lot of the pack/troop will be looking for another place as well--you might be able to have different families visit different packs/troops and report back their impression. You aren't in any real time crunch because someone is close to turning 18, so I'd take your time and see if there is another pack/troop out there that will work with your schedule. If you don't find anything, then you could consider Lone Scouting.