Friday, March 11, 2011

Words Matter Week: Captivating

Did you know that this is Words Matter Week?  In celebration of this, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors has issued a blog challenge.  The final question:

 Words, like moths, are captured by writers who pin them to the page in various forms.  What writer's work most deftly captivates you?  Why?

Okay, so first, I love the entomology imagery here!  That captivates me.

But thinking about one writer who captivates me?  Wow. 

I can think of so many authors whose work I simply cannot put down.  Or authors who really made me think. 

But I guess the one person I come up with right now who does both is one I quoted earlier this week: C. S. Lewis.  Whether it is his Narnia series (the first work of his I ever read), or a book like Screwtape Letters, or a recent favorite, Till We Have Faces...  Lewis' works never fail to make me think, and I usually have trouble putting them down. 

I wish I had time to be more eloquent.


Unknown said...

Now I have a new book to look for and order. Never heard of TIll We Have Faces before.


Debra said...

I'd highly recommend the lit guide from Bright Ideas Press to go with it...

It is based on the Cupid/Psyche myth, and it is great.