Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

I just can't seem to sit down and write a real post.  So, some things on my mind.  I'll try not to whine too much.
  • A sick husband makes it really difficult to get any school done.  Dale's back at work today, but I have no idea whether it is even worth trying to really do school today.  I think we just lost this week.  
  • Car troubles suck.
  • I love reviewing things.  I am currently using some products that are just amazing and wonderful.  IEW, All About Reading, Latin Alive, The Case of the Missing Mountain, Earth: Its Structure and Changes, Kinderbach, Destination Moon...  our school life is so much richer thanks to the reviews I do.
  • I'm on sensory overload.  I can't handle multiple conversations going at once, I just can't. 
  • Our taxes are done.  I thought we'd get a state refund for a change, but no, that's not to be.  We owe Colarado $3.  
  • And of course, I've been procrastinating on getting my documentation together for my self-employment stuff since November when I realized I really did need to do it.  It took me maybe two hours.  Why do I do this?  Stress and procrastinate, over a job that wasn't even that difficult.  And that two hours included January and February of this year too.
  • I desperately need new glasses. But I can't get to the eye doctor.  
  • TOS is accepting applications for the Crew for next year.  Eeek.  I have to figure out my best and weakest reviews as a crew member for this.  Oh, my.  Do I actually go through and read all 100 Crew reviews I've written?  This could take awhile.  Or do I limit it to this year?  That would make it easier.
  • Speaking of reviews, I know you can't see it on the blog yet, but I've definitely cut back on the non-TOS reviews I'm taking on.  I'm feeling a bit like a review blog, and I don't like that.  On the other hand, having some book reviews makes me feel like a person besides just a homeschool mom.  So I'm not quitting them altogether.  Besides, if I don't make the crew next year, well, I'll certainly want some other things to do.
  • I'm supposed to have dinner with my parents tomorrow.  Please, God, let this happen.  Please.  I hate living 1000 miles away from them.  I hate even more when I have a chance to see them, and I have no idea if I can get there.  I suppose if we set out right now and walk through the night, we could get there in time.  
  • Really looking forward to the Tiger trip to the television station.
  • And I need to end this post and let Connor get to class.  Gotta get the other computer hooked back up to the internet.

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Unknown said...

I know what you mean about blogs starting to feel like review blogs. I have been having that feeling about my own blog lately (not yours). I got so excited and requested lots of books and then I realized suddenly that I had more then 15 items waiting to be reviewed and I needed to turn them out fast to get caught up because more are on the way. I am trying to do at least one review and one other post every day so it is not just reviews, but that is a hard pace to keep up while also homeschooling and feeding my family! I'm gonna have to back off a little myself, and I am not even on the TOS crew.