Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 TOS Homeschool Crew Seaworthy Awards

The TOS Crew Mates voted on their favorite products this year, for the Seaworthy Awards.  The results were just announced, and I wanted to share those results with you.  I linked my reviews of the products (all but two of the winners... one I haven't written yet, one I reviewed a different product).

It's been fun going over some of the highlights of the past Crew year.  Of course, our family's favorite product didn't make the list... so once I finish up my last four reviews (next week), I'll have to do a wrap-up post of my own!

Favorite Language Arts Product => EDUDPS -- Write With the Best, Roots and Fruits

Favorite History Product => Bright Ideas Press (All American History and Mystery of History, and Illuminations)

Favorite Science Product => Nature Friend Magazine

Favorite Math Product => Math Mammoth

Favorite Online Math Product => Mathletics

Favorite Handwriting Product => Zeezok (Presidential Penmanship) (I reviewed a music product of theirs, not the penmanship)

Favorite Fine Arts Product (art, music, etc.) => Artistic Pursuits

Favorite Pre-school Product => Time 4 Learning

Favorite Elementary Product => Critical Thinking

Favorite Upper-Grade Product => Professor in a Box

Favorite College Prep Product => Cerebellum/Standard Deviants

Favorite Special Needs Product => Super Star Speech

Favorite Health and Beauty Product => Virginia Soaps & Scents

Favorite Christian Product => Grapevine Studies

Best Resource I Didn't Know I Needed => Studypod

Best Homemaking Product => Sue Gregg

Best Customer Service => Graphics Toolbox

Best Online Resource => ABC Teach

Best e-product => Nutrition 101

Best Office and Technology Resource => Web Designs for Kids

Best Homeschool Resource => Apologia – Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

Best Map Resource => Homeschool in the Woods

Best Book, Novel or Magazine => Sarah Books

Best Children's Book => Children’s Bible Hour

Best Hands-On Resource => Journey Through Learning

Most Adaptable Resource => Sue Patrick’s Workbox System

Most Unique Resource => Lobster Network (I'll be posting a review in the next day or so)

Most Family-Oriented Product => Family Mint

Kid's Choice => Maverick Books

All Around Crew Favorite => All About Spelling, All About Reading - Reader 1, Reader 2

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