Friday, May 14, 2010

So after my Madsen reviews this week...

The TOS Review Crew is voting on Crew Awards... one of the categories has to do with the kids favorite product.  I called my kids in to discuss what the Brinkman clan was going to choose for that category, intending to read through everything we've reviewed this year and then chat a bit.

Richard, my six year old, immediately tells me that he doesn't need to hear the list.  His favorite product is Madsen Method.  So I promised him we would pick that up and just he & I would be working on it.

(And I had to shoot a dirty look at his big brothers, who immediately started complaining about how that was NOT their favorite product.)

For the record, once I read through the list, my kids' favorites were:

Connor: Maestro Classics
William: Maestro Classics
Thomas: Mathletics
Richard: Mathletics
Trina: Time4Learning

In discussion, Maestro Classics ended up being our vote.

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