Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Schoolhouse Expo!

Oh, I'm so excited!  It's too late to sign up for Schoolhouse Expo, though you can still get the mp3 version (with freebies, and I think it is going to be well worth it!).  Susan Wise Bauer is speaking in a couple of minutes.

But I wanted to tell you about something fun regardless of whether you are signed up... the Vendor Hall.  It's free for everyone.  And WOW!!  There are a bunch of companies I've never heard of (Taylor University, Better Chinese, Steps4Kids, and a lot I do know and love (Apologia, Rainbow Resources, Science Jim).  Some of the vendors have freebies (Spears Art Studio, Latin Road/Phonics Road, Real Science 4 Kids, among others).

Go.  Check it out.  Or don't.  It could cost you money (I'm telling you, the Marine Biology Cruise from School at Sea just sounds amazing)


Johanna said...

You've never heard of Taylor University?? :) I went to Taylor University! I went to the non-virtual campus in Upland, IN, though. The link at the expo is for their online university. That is where I met my wonderful hubby and where he went back to get his MBA a couple years ago. GREAT school, in my own obviously unbiased opinion!

Debra said...

Sorry, Johanna... if I had head of Taylor, I certainly had not heard about the online university part. I've been collecting so many incredibly wonderful looking online dual credit type courses lately. I think the vendor page added 2-3 new ones to my bookmarks folder.