Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - week 1

Bible in 90 Days Challenge, post regarding days 2-8.   I wanted to make this pretty and everything, but I just don't have time.  Last week's post is here. So, here's my unedited notes taken throughout last week.
  • Tuesday: read Genesis 15-26, 69 minutes.  Did this over two sittings.
  • Wednesday: read Genesis 27-36, 65 minutes.  Would have done another chapter, but Chapter 37 starts with Joseph, so we opted not to split that up.
  • Thursday: read Genesis 37-47, 68 minutes.  Yikes, we're falling behind.  Obviously, this version must make it up later.  I am going to trust that listening to 65ish minutes a day is going to keep us close enough to on track.
  • Friday: read Genesis 48-Exodus 11, 77 minutes.  Interesting to hear them being told that the women will take up silver & gold from their Egyptian neighbors, and then to get to the point of that happening.  Discussion with the kids as to why God punished all the people of Egypt because of Pharaoh's hard heart.  The idea was raised that maybe they were being punished for allowing all the Hebrew baby boys to be killed.  And what does that mean for our nation and all the millions of babies we allow to be killed?  You know, there are moments I liked it better when my kids were too young to be bringing this kind of thing up.
  • Saturday: Read Exodus 12-22, 69 minutes.
  • Sunday: Read Exodus 23-33, 68 minutes.  Had a good time with the question posed in the B90 daily email.  Can you think of a more lame excuse for idol-worship than what Aaron says?
  •  Monday: Read Exodus 34-Leviticus 7.  Switched how we are listening, so I need to work on figuring out exactly how much time that was.  I may need to get us caught up on where we are supposed to be and just follow the schedule.  Ugh.

Okay, so this checking in on Mondays thing is going to be very challenging for me.  I missed it totally yesterday, and will probably be booted from the "official" challenge.

Oh, well.  We'll continue anyway.  Go here to see the people who are together enough to actually check in as required.

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