Thursday, July 29, 2010

From the trenches

You know those days?  I'm having one.

I don't remember the last time my head didn't hurt.  Last week, I'm sure, probably Friday.  But I can't remember it.

And I'm tired, tired, tired of not trusting our cars.

Speaking of cars.  So I go into town, and it will cost a fortune to fix the rim.  We'd pay it, if we'd have it tomorrow, but they can't guarantee that.  Probably Monday.  We can get a new one for less if we wait until about Wednesday.  No contest.

So I go to get new tires on the other vehicle.  My head is pounding, remember?  And I barely have a voice.  So they decide I look like a good person to use to train in the new guy.  I'm paying by check, only the scanner doesn't like my check.  25 minutes and two checks later, we go to the customer service desk, where they still can't get my check to scan.  Of course, they can't start work on my car until I pay, and I really DO NOT want to use our regular bank account. 

And then they find that the new guy rung up the wrong tires, so they are charging me about $70 more than they should.  But they STILL can't get the system to accept my perfectly fine check.  It's not one of those print 'em yourself things, it was sent out BY THE BANK.  I have to use my debit card.  It's now been nearly 50 minutes.  And the tech guys are doing NOTHING this whole time.  There has not been ONE. SINGLE. CUSTOMER.

They tell me it will be about a half hour, so I kill time.  I come back after 35 minutes, and my car is still being worked on.  Along with three others.  Thirty minutes becomes 45.  Did I mention a headache?

Oh, and not that I can afford groceries now, since I just spent money we don't have, but I stop to grab tortillas.  I have TWO items.  I get in a line that says "open" and she smiles and tells me she's closing.  The lane next to her, the checkout person quickly switches her sign to closed.  I walk to the far end of the store, and pick a line.  I get to be the first person in that line... is time to switch checkout people.  That requires the "old" checkout person to run some computer thing, then they wait for a customer service override, and the new person can log in.  Customer service is apparently busy serving customers, not serving checkout people.  So the checkout process times out, and she has to start over.

Yes, I stood as the FIRST person in line to buy TWO packages of tortillas for well over 10 minutes.  Did I mention my head hurts?  Pretty sure I did.

Of course, I intended to go to Walgreens and use an 'on your next order' coupon to get something for my neck.  I know I didn't mention that I can't turn my head because my neck hurts, and I suspect that is, oh, probably a cause of my headache.  I forgot until I was heading home, and I just. could. not. turn around and head back into town.

I also forgot to drop off late books at the library.  Dropped them at the bookdrop instead.  They'll be processed Monday, so they won't be AS late as if I wait for the bookmobile to return on Wednesday.

Oh, and as I'm heading home, Connor calls to tell me the stuff shifted in the aquarium and killed two tadpoles.    There's a reason we don't do pets.

I want a massage.  I want a dark, cool room.  And I'm really, really tired of being a grown-up.  At least the kids hadn't yet named the baby frogs.


Heidi said...

I'm so sorry! I hope things get better soon...and the first thing to improve is the headache and neck pain.

Debra said...

So my kids just gave me a note. Maybe tomorrow I'll scan it and post it. Crying hurts when you can't turn your head, I discovered.

It says: "Thanks For being such a good MOM! I hope u get well soon! Trina ThomAs Connor WilliAm Richard"

(Trina's 'a' is backwards, everything in Richard except the 'a' and 'c' is backwards.)

And there is a $1 bill in there. They told me to buy myself a Mountain Dew. That probably would do wonders for my head.

sniff. sniff.

I don't know who wrote it -- Connor is busy writing a birthday note to his father, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't him.

Tess said...

Debra, that note is priceless!! And I know you told me it was Dale's birthday coming soon (today?) and I spaced it out. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I wish I could do something for you besides praying.

Deb said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy day, Debra.

I often think that it's not necessarily the big issues that cause the most stress, it's those stupid little hassles that just peck you to death.

At least tomorrow's Friday, right?

Deb said...

Oh, plus - it looks pretty over here. I like the new look.

Nancy said...

Oh, I hate days like that! I'm sorry you're suffering. What a royal bummer. I'm right there with ya though; car trouble, money trouble, headache! Let's escape to SOMEPLACE drive, oops, no me, no....shucks! We are stuck aren't we?


Praying for you,

Catherine said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better today! Those days are so HARD. I love that the kids wrote you such a sweet note - and here we are on the blog walk bringing more cheer. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Hope your day is going better today and that your headache is gone. I get migranes, so I understand! I'm on my blog walk to say hi.

Heather said...

oh, Debra! Hang in there. You deserve a massage, that's for sure. Your kids are so great'll all be worth it, right??:)) I was thinking of you and I donated a "virtual bag of school supplies" in your name, because you are such a loving mom ...and serious educator! You can pass this on...or not, because I don't want to make any work for you, but I think you are awesome:))

Becky said...

Debra, bless your heart! Sounds like quite a day. I'm sure at some point it'll be funny... :)