Saturday, July 24, 2010

Computer Games Sale

For something totally different on a Saturday...

Big Fish Games is having a weekend sale to celebrate a billion game downloads, or something like that.  That means that they have a bunch of games (over 60) on sale this weekend for $2.99.  The blurb says this expires on 7/26, so maybe you have through Monday.

A year or more ago, I wrote about one game that I particularly like, and it is part of the sale.  The Amazing Brain Train is the name, and my comments last year still stand (except for the pricing, they've changed that dramatically).  The screen shot here is of a game where you are placing mirrors to keep a bunch of koalas warm.  I love this one.  (Go read my earlier review to learn about the mini-games I find more challenging!)

They've got lots of other games available to download at this price.  As far as some with a fair amount of educational value, the Professor Fizzwizzle games (another is here) are great for elementary ages.  They are like logic puzzles.  To the right is a screen shot from Molten Mystery.

Although I don't particularly like hidden object games, there are some "travel" ones -- one for Paris, one for Rome, one for London that I think would be fun supplements to either a Latin or French program, or a geography supplement.  The screen shot on the left is from the Rome title, of course.  (Naturally, that's what I would choose!)  I don't own these, by the way, so don't consider this an endorsement exactly.

Here is the entire list of sale games for the Mac or for a PC.  All of their games (mmm, I think all, almost all anyway) have a free one-hour trial, so you can test it out first.  And all of the game links above are for the Mac version.  Click it, and there is a link to the PC version on the Mac page.

Not that I'm pushing you to do it, but if you find six games you like on this sale, you'll fill a "punch card" and at the beginning of August, you'll get an email with a code for a free game of your choice.  So that would be seven computer games for just under $18.

I have used Big Fish Games off and on for at least a couple of years.  I have never had any problems with any of my game downloads on either a Mac or PC.  And I don't get anything for sharing this with you.  Though if someone from Big Fish reads this, I'd love a free copy of Brainiversity 2 in exchange for a review!  :)

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