Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - week 13

Bible in 90 Days Challenge, post regarding days 78-84.  Here's last week's check in. 

We are getting closer to being on track.  I cannot believe this whole thing is supposed to be over in a few short days.

This week, we listened to the rest of Matthew, plus Mark, Luke, John, and the first 11 chapters of Acts.  It was fascinating listening to the gospels back to back like that.  It was a great week of listening.

My kids were having a lot of fun talking about some of the little changes in details between the gospel accounts, and Connor was really interested in who wrote each of the gospels and why... and how that impacted what they wrote.  I'll confess -- that did slow us down a bit.  I think his writing class had something to do with that -- they've been pushing that you can't understand a work if you don't understand where the author is coming from.  That was something I was glad to see, so we did detour a little bit.  ESV Study Bible on Logos to the rescue!

We've got almost exactly ten hours of listening to go.  Over six days, I think that means about 1:40 per day.  Though what is probably actually going to happen is that we'll listen to more like 2-3 hours tomorrow, as we are heading in to town for a homeschooling thing at the library, and then rather than come home to listen to pounding on the roof (I HOPE!), we'll hang out, go to Scouts, and head home.

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Kara said...

I can't believe the challenge ends this week! I loved reading the Gospels back to back. I agree with Conner..I like to know where the author is coming from. :-) I think knowing who wrote each Gospel & why adds a lot to the does for me anyway!

Sam said...

I listen to the ESV audio dramatized New Testament (from faith comes by hearing, which is free)while I read my ESV most days. I want to actually read, but the voices changing helps keep me understanding who is speaking and what is going on. It also makes me read at a slower pace than my usual, which helps with retention. I have the free app for my ipod to read if I miss my morning time, or if I need the ipod reading for extra light! The free app comes straight from Crossway! :) Good luck!