Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This and That, mostly Scouts

I'm way too busy to post any of the stuff rattling around in my head.  So while I drink my first cup of coffee this morning, I'm going to babble a couple of minutes about a few of those things.
  • Cub Scouts -- I'm now a Tiger Den Leader.  There are three whole Tigers in the pack, Richard included.  I think it will be fun.  And as they say -- "An hour a week."  <eye roll>
  • Scout Popcorn -- Uff Da!  I don't know what, if anything, we are going to do about popcorn this year.  The Cubs (Thomas & Richard), their sister, and myself will be at Safeway twice this weekend, plus once next weekend (Trina shouldn't have to go then though).  I think that will be it.  Any other sales we do will have to go to William so he can afford to go to camp.  Any of my readers interested in buying popcorn from them, or buying popcorn to be sent to US Troops -- let me know.  I'm not going to harass anyone.  If you are in the area, we'll deliver it.  If not, they do have access to online stuff.  I'm praying the Cubs do well at Safeway, because we really cannot afford the huge increases in fees.  Especially with four scouts in the family.
  • Boy Scouts -- I'm now the mom of a Second Class Scout.  William did his Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review on Monday night.  YAY, William!
  • Scout camping -- my three biggest boys (Dale and the two Boy Scouts) are going camping this weekend.  Connor chose to stay at base camp and help with advancement goals for his patrol/the troop.  He's feeling pretty sad about that after Monday though, as pretty much everyone his age is either hiking or backpacking and their plans sound like so much more fun.  I'm proud of him.
  • We just can't get in the groove for school this year.
  • My job ended.  I've been working on the new Student Planners for The Old Schoolhouse.  Got the final versions last night.  Those have taken up a good chunk of time the past couple of weeks, and it feels weird to have it over.  Planners are on sale NOW, and will be available Monday, I believe.
  • I started reviewing for New Leaf Publishing.  Had a big package waiting when we got back from North Dakota/Minnesota.  I am incredibly excited about this.  You can see four items from them in my upcoming reviews box on my sidebar.
  • I'm sick of spam comments on my blog, so I turned word verification back on.  Sorry... if that doesn't slow the spam down, I'm going to switch to no anonymous comments.  I don't have time for 8-10 spam comments a day, I just don't.
  • I'm disappointed with 1-Derful Roofing of Colorado Springs.  When they gave me an estimate, they said they could be out here in two weeks.  I called them the next day to get the process going, met them the day after that to sign the contract, and was told two to three weeks.  It will be three weeks tomorrow, materials have not been delivered, and they are "hoping maybe" to get here before the month is over.  Not so wonderful.  At least we haven't been getting rain.  Would love prayers that it continues to be dry over our house anyway.
  • Yesterday, we spent a chunk of time putting away jam from Grandma.  Mom got smart... she's now canning strawberry jam (and raspberry too!) in quart jars for us.  We're used to getting pints, so we had to rearrange a bit.  The kids LOVE grandma's jam.  I've got a houseful of jelly snobs now, though, and they turn up their noses at anything store-bought.  We also brought home some pickles.  Mmmm.
  • Very excited about my newest Review Crew product -- The Write Foundation.  I'm half expecting it to arrive today.  Connor is even excited about it.
  • Clearance sales at Wal-Mart are great.  I now own shorts I can wear in public ($1), and the kids each got t-shirts and other short-sleeved shirts, shorts or dresses, and the most expensive items were $3.  Not sure if my local stores are clearing out the summer stuff, but at least the ones in North and South Dakota were.  Considering we typically get at least one 70 degree day in January, the clothing will still get some use here.

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Tess said...

Thanks for the update! Congratulations to the new Second Class Scout!