Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Homeschool Plans

We officially school from January to October, so for us, a new school year is "officially" beginning next week.  What that means, in reality, is that we are going to be changing some things around.  I'm not going to rehash everything we are doing, mostly focus on what is changing (or has recently changed).

Bible: well, we'll be working through the Bible in 90 Days challenge, starting Monday.  The three big guys are all doing an age-appropriate reading plan.  So am I.  I have not yet decided about the little two.  Connor is also working through a review product -- The Life of Christ.  I'm impressed with it, though we really aren't very far into it.  I wish I had another week before the review was due.

History:  Connor will be starting up with Sonlight Core 7 (the second half of world history) after finishing up the last bit of Core 6.  William and Thomas (and Richard and Katrina, for that matter) are going to be doing Illuminations 2 (I reviewed Illuminations 1 last year).  This is the Middle Ages, which is a bit frustrating (since Connor will be doing Renaissance through the present... but Mom is finding it easier to keep up as I finally learn more history myself)

Writing: Connor will be working through IEW's Student Writing Intensive C.  Jury is still out for the younger ones.  I think that I will have them doing SWI B.  I think.  I'm really, really tempted to order the medieval theme one from IEW though.  I'm not sure I can handle two SWI levels at once.

Math: We're kind of all over the map for math right now.  We're reviewing some great stuff, so that will take priority for the moment. Virtual Nerd, TenMarks, Times Alive.  But we are also still working with some other great online programs:  IXL and Mathletics.  And Connor is doing an online geometry course.  And...  well, maybe that is about it at the moment.  I'm hoping to get Thomas and Richard back into Math Mammoth once the math reviews slow down though.

That may be it as far as big changes.  Some little ones -- the little kids are doing Spanish, Connor is doing computer programming, Connor is wanting to do more science (we'll see), William will be doing some geology alongside his General Science, and we're seriously looking at something like 4H.  Okay, that last one could be a big change.

How about you?  Changing anything up for 2011?


Chris Worthy said...

Debra, what are you using for computer programming? Dreamspark?

Debra said...

Chris - I'm on the review for Homeschool Programming, so that's what we are doing. I am going to need more though. Connor would like to end up with a computer programming credit every year (!) so I'm going to continually be on the lookout for something else.

Chris Worthy said...

I understand that -- We have the free Microsoft development software (Dreamspark program) through Homeschool Buyers' Co-op, but I need some lessons to carry us through. I really need to spend some time (that I don't have) working on that. :)

Debra said...

Chris -- I have that too, and have been totally unable to figure out how to turn that into a 'course' for him. When you figure it out, let me know, LOL! I figure the Homeschool Programming will get me through this year. Maybe next year I'll have to break down and figure out Dreamspark. Seriously, though, if you figure something out, let me know.

Oh, and Homeschool Programming has their current books on sale right now. They are upgrading to a new edition, or something. I don't know, I skimmed it this morning.

Twisted Cinderella said...

We are changing it up starting in January. I am waiting for a whole new curriculum (Alpha Omega Lifepacs) to come in and we will be starting that.

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

We're Sonlight fans here too.
My son is going to start Core 6, but my daughter will step over to Winter Promise for a little while after we've finished Core 1+2. After that we'll do some 'Sonlight-style' Australian history .. using their model and using books I can find. :)

This computer programming product sounds interesting. I have not formally done anything in that vein for my children, but I'll be looking for something soon, so happy to read about your ideas!!!

Rodna Allman said...

Debra, we follow the same schedule! Jan-oct.