Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Movie Night on NBC - Tomorrow

Something I did not expect to do when I started blogging -- I did not expect I'd be promoting a television show.  And here I am doing it a second time in as many weeks.

Family Movie Night is airing A Walk in My Shoes next Friday, December 3, at 7 pm CST.  We don't get television signals here at all, so I didn't think it mattered to me.  But we had the chance to watch a special online screening of the movie earlier this week.  We plugged my computer into the television, and the picture was a bit distorted... but we were able to watch.

A Walk In My Shoes - 2:33 TRLR from on Vimeo.

The basic storyline has to do with judging someone without having any idea where they are coming from.  And there are a lot of judgments being made.  The main character is Trish, a high school English teacher who is pretty wrapped up in her own world and is fairly oblivious to what is going on with her own family, much less in the lives of her students.  She has a lazy student, Justin, who won't turn in his paper, and she snaps at his mother, Cindy.

On the way to her Italian language class, she has an accident... and becomes Cindy.  She learns a lot about not only her student and his family... but about her own family too.

We enjoyed the movie.  It gave us quite a bit to talk about.  We live in a military town, and one of the things we've talked about before when we see an out of control child at the store, or a witch of a mother dealing with said child is, "Pray for them.  We have no idea what is going on in their life right now.  Dad could have just shipped out.  Dad could have just died somewhere.  They need prayer."

This movie really helped to make that idea more real.  Because Dad, in this case, had died in Afghanistan. 

We also had the chance to talk about angels.  Honestly, I'm not sure the one character is exactly supposed to be an angel, but she is definitely some supernatural being who orchestrates events and causes strange things to happen.  It was fodder for discussion anyway.

And we had the chance to talk about the military, and sacrifices made by military families.  Dale took issue with a couple of things that just didn't ring true for real combat veterans, or real ex-military types in general.  I took issue with at least one aspect of a returning combat veteran as well.  But for the vast majority of viewers, these issues would never even be noticed, and I've only ever shared sleeping space with one person fairly fresh from a war zone, so my take may be skewed too.

Good movie.  Positive, family friendly.  It's on tomorrow.  NBC.  7 pm CST.  If you watch television, this is the type of entertainment you ought to be encouraging.

Disclaimer:  I had the opportunity to watch a special online screening of A Walk in My Shoes, with the understanding that I'd post about it on my blog. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

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