Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Stuff, May Edition

It's been ages since I've just talked.  Or at least it seems that way.  So here are a few random thoughts from me:
  • My TOS Homeschool Crew year has wound down.  No more crew reviews on my to do list at all!
  • But I do have a few curricular items that I will be reviewing in the near future.  Including some handwriting, Latin, and typing.  I'm glad I'm not going cold turkey.
  • How come the kids will lose their shoes, find an old too-small pair, and not tell me?  Picked up new shoes for Trina this weekend, and Richard mentioned he'd like new shoes too.  Turns out I bought him shoes THREE sizes larger than what he had been wearing.  I *know* that I bought him bigger shoes more recently than that.
  • Richard is now a Wolf, instead of a Tiger... he looks so grown up.  <sigh>
  • Which means Thomas is officially a Webelos II.  A few more months until he becomes a Boy Scout. THAT doesn't scare me.  I love the idea of having three Boy Scouts.  It will be a lot easier.
  • After telling people that I would not raise mealworms, what did we start doing this weekend?  Yeah, ummm, you guessed it.  We'll see if we are successful.  I like the idea of not having to buy food every week for the Gecko.  But ugh.  Trying to grow these critters?  On purpose?
  • Speaking of pets, we finally named the cat.  Shadow.  That only took seven months.
  • I hate figuring out math for the kids.  Hate it.  I have no idea what I want to use next for any of them, I just know we are not being deliberate enough about math for anyone right now.  Yes, expect me to post about math soon.
  • I love my library.  Love 'em.  I completely blew going to pick stuff up on Saturday.  They're holding everything for me so I can get it tomorrow.
  • Being in multiple places in history for the different kids is nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be a few years ago.  Maybe because I've finally learned some history.
  • And I really want to post some book reviews this week.  I've got 3-4 books nearly read... I just need to finish some. 

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