Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music Review: Robert Pierre

I enjoy contemporary Christian music, and have for a number of years.  Back when I was in high school, though, I didn't tend to think a whole lot of it.  I was the kid bringing Van Halen and Queen along on church retreats, and rolling my eyes when we were forced to listen to new Christian artists like Amy Grant and Petra.  In other words, I was the kid you worry about your child being exposed to at church.

In my defense, while there were a couple of okay songs in the CCM genre, there really wasn't much.

And even the songs that were okay to listen to, well, they didn't speak to teens exactly.

I wish there were artists like Robert Pierre around when I was in high school.  I probably would have rolled my eyes about being forced to listen to him too, but at least when I did listen, I would have appreciated his talent, and the lyrics certainly would have meant more to me than such classics as Amy Grant's "Giggle."

Robert Pierre is an eighteen year old artist, graduating from high school this weekend, who happens to have an amazing voice... and "he has committed his talents to the glory of God alone."rece

I recently had the chance to listen to four of the songs from his soon to be released album titled "I'm All In" and I like what I heard.

My favorite is a song called "Identity" which you can listen to here.  I love the real teen perspective on not being conformed to this world.  The chorus:

That's who I am, forgiven and set free
It doesn't matter what the world may think of me
I got nothing to hide, I know my identity
Without a doubt, I know His blood has covered me
And that's who I am

Check out the four songs.  You can even download them.  Like his Facebook page.  Watch for his album this summer.

Disclaimer:  I was asked to listen to these songs and blog about them.  I was not required to write anything positive.  Thanks to Propeller for the opportunity to listen to this music.

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