Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black and Blue

Okay, so I have to post this map...

If I were feeling particularly creative, I'd do a "we are snowed in here" tag...

But that black road (black stands for closed) running straight east from Colorado Springs?  That's "our" highway.  At the bottom of the black road running north-south through the middle of the map... that's a bit north of where Dale works.  Denver is the blue blob of roads in the upper left...

My Bountiful Baskets order -- a big one, and a huge chunk of this week's grocery budget -- is sitting basically where the little red "-" sign on that diagonal black road running northeast from Colorado Springs is.  You can't get there from here. 

Dale's truck is in a snowdrift on a road that doesn't show up on this map.  My vehicle is in a snowdrift at the end of our driveway.

The diagonal road has been closed for over 24 hours now.  "Our" highway has been closed for about 16 hours.

All those blue roads -- they are merely "icy'.

Roads that are kind of a tan-ish color... those are normal.  Don't look too hard.  There aren't any in this roughly 120x120 miles of map...  (the yellow roads are ones that aren't reported about on here.)

At least the Scout party for today has been canceled.  So we aren't missing that.

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Michelle Smith said...

Wow, Debra! I'm glad your entire family is safely home for the weekend though. Enjoy one another's company--bundle up together and stay warm! :)