Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just stuff to start off February

Coming off of a whirlwind month, I'm telling you, and hoping February will be a bit more normal.  Some January highlights, since my blogging has been almost only reviews -

  • We have two vehicles!  You notice I didn't say new, as both are older than the kids.  But they both run, and it means I can actually do things during the week.  Like, say, the bookmobile.  And I can stay home on Saturday and not feel like I am totally missing out on everything.  53 weeks from the day we became a one-car family is when we bought the second.  A Toyota 4Runner and a Ford truck, if you care.  
  • I have children who are making incredible progress in reading.  Thomas needs his own post... hopefully I'll do that this weekend.  Trina will get her own post when I write a review of All About Reading, hopefully yet this week.  
  • I've been participating in the Pikes Peak Library Districts adult winter reading program.  And today I get to pick up my first prize.  Reading programs are not just for kids, I'm telling you.
  • I'm seriously considering bombarding you with reviews for a few days.  And I know I've said this before, but I have dramatically cut back.  Hopefully that will become obvious.
  • Read-Aloud Challenge -- I think I will try to post again tomorrow.  I've had a couple people ask me about it.  I think I just needed to take January off.
  • And I have to make a decision, oh, today! about whether or not to participate in a CSA (community supported agriculture) program that happens in town.  <sigh>  Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  • The other big today thing is that I have a whole lot of produce that I need to deal with... so we're going to be making lots of salsa, and applesauce... and I'll probably be preparing some broccoli for the freezer.  Oh, and I have carrots I have to deal with.  Those might wait until tomorrow.
  • All that produce is thanks to Bountiful Baskets -- and that is one reason I'm hesitating on the CSA thing.  Maybe I am better off just upping my BB participation.  Oh, I don't know
Okay, so I need to post a review and a giveaway today.  So I better stop yammering on here...

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