Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bountiful Baskets: July 20

No pretty picture, because:
  • I still can't find the cord for my camera
  • Saturday was insane, so getting a picture of my basket didn't even come close to making a wish list, much less a to-do list

But I did have some time to kill on Sunday, so I priced out my basket.  I thought I'd tell you about that.  First, what was in my TWO baskets:
  • 12 bananas
  • 2 6 oz containers of blueberries
  • 3 heads green cabbage
  • 2 heads of cauliflower
  • 2 bunches Tuscan kale
  • 8 organic kiwi
  • 3 bunches red leaf lettuce
  • 2 cantaloupe
  • 2 bags of grapes
  • 32 fairly small black plums
  • 8 organic tomatoes on the vine

I went to Safeway, as their produce is similar quality, and I found:
  • Bananas were $.56/pound.  I had 4 lb, 14 oz of bananas, so $2.73
  • Blueberries were $4.99 per package, so $9.98
  • Green cabbage was $.59/lb.  I had 7 lb, 2 oz of cabbage, so $4.20
  • Cauliflower was $1.79/lb.  I had 4 lb, 4 oz, so  $7.61
  • Kale was $0.99 per bunch, and they were similar size.  So, $1.98
  • Organic kiwi were $0.59 each, so $4.72
  • Red leaf lettuce was $1.29 per bunch, though the bunches at Safeway were a bit smaller.  Regardless, let's call that $3.87
  • Cantaloupe were 2/$5, so $5.00
  • Grapes -- I found some that were similar for $2.99/lb.  I had 4.5 pounds of grapes, so $13.45
  • Similar plums (Safeway ones were larger though) were available for $1.49/lb.  I had 4 1/4 pounds of plums, so $6.33
  • Organic tomatoes on the vine were $2.79/lb.  I had 2 lb, 11 oz, so $7.50
All total, my two baskets would cost $31.50 ($15 each plus the $1.50 processing fee) and had I bought nearly identical produce at Safeway, it would have cost $67.37.

Now that makes me feel great about my Saturday morning at Bountiful Baskets...

(And no, I'd never ever pay $5 for 6 oz of blueberries.  I would have chosen different stuff had I been shopping at Safeway for my produce... but I have to say I love having those blueberries, and I love having organic tomatoes, and the grapes are delicious...)

Oh, and what am I doing with all this stuff?  Well... almost all of it we just eat (bananas, kiwi, lettuce, cantaloupe, grapes, plums, tomatoes).

Cabbage will be the basis of three crockpot meals.  I have been coarsely chopping cabbage, putting it in the crockpot along with whatever (potatoes, carrots) and some meat, and some liquid... no recipes, just whatever looks good at the time.

Cauliflower -- one was already chopped and eaten with bleu cheese dressing.  The other will be cooked, blended up with milk, and added to alfredo sauce.

Kale -- I dry it, crumble it, and sneak it into sauces, scrambled eggs, etc.

Blueberries -- I'm hoping to make some muffins, or else they are just eaten.


Bugs said...

I'm so interested in learning more about this! What a neat way to save some money and get more healthy food in your home!

Nikki said...

Wow! That is great info! Thanks for sharing! We are moving soon and I have been thinking about looking into either CSA or Bountiful Baskets when we move and your info is very helpful.

Unknown said...

I love Bountiful Baskets. I am always happy to be in Wyoming, so we can get them.