Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 School Plans -- Science & stuff

Installment #4 is all the miscellaneous stuff.  (Can you tell I'm procrastinating on Language Arts decisions?)


Connor has been totally random in science lately, going off in a lot of directions.  So, for 2010, he is going to get back on track with Apologia Physical Science. He is also going to  be pursuing something else.  What?  I don't know.  He has a few options.  I think he's going to be casually reading through Evolution: The Grand Experiment.  And he is working on his Environmental Science merit badge with a group at Scouts.  He has his eye on a couple other science merit badges too.

William and Thomas are working in a Christian Kids Explore book.  Anybody else unschool science for their science-loving kids?

Richard & Trina are doing some things from the two Sonlight PreK cores... mostly the Core P4/5 science materials.  They have the only Berenstain Bears book that I actually like.


We've been totally blessed with some fantastic music resources lately.  My older kids are using Kinderbach to teach the younger two (and learning a fair amount in the process) and will be doing that through January (watch for a review in early February).

We'll also be studying Brahms and Schubert in some detail, thanks to this package from Zeezok Publishing.  I put some additional music on hold at the library, and we'll be spending January studying Brahms, and in February we'll study Schubert.  Watch for a review in another few weeks.

We received more Maestro Classics titles for Christmas, and we'll be working through those too.

Connor has asked to learn to play the piano.  I'm still working on the acquisition of some resources so he can do that.  It will start with our keyboard (which is full-sized as far as the keys, but it is short about an octave from a real piano).  It would be amazing to get a "real" full keyboard again.  Might even get me back into playing.

Other stuff:

Connor will continue his Latin class.  He will continue using Fallacy Detective for logic (and maybe we'll use the logic text in Eclectic Education also).

All three big boys will continue programming computer games with Tektoma.

And everyone will continue to do other miscellaneous things here and there.


heather said...

Debra--hi again:) I like this thread of posts. I was actually hoping to get Apologia Biology through review--so now I need to get on it asap. We did do Apologia Physical science last year through the Potter's House and it helped me to not stress out as a new homeschool mom--but, I really ended up going through each lesson with him anyway to get him ready for tests. Anyway, we have a (awfully marked up though)copy of Physical Science Book if you need one--I hesitate to offer because we did write in the book & workbook. let me know if you could use it anyway.

Debra said...

Heather -- oh, I'm glad I wasn't the only one hoping for Biology to review! I haven't truly had my heart set on much of anything with the Crew, waiting to see what comes and being thankful for each (well, almost) item. But I did have my hopes up in that case. Oh, well. I'm still trusting that God will provide exactly what we need.

And I'll email you about the physical science. :) Glad you've been enjoying this series of posts. I needed to do it.