Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cars update

Oh, I meant to post this before now...

So, the kids & I worked on the car in the photo for a couple hours, taking a break in the middle to post the photo uhhh, warm up.  A neighbor we've never met (they're a bit over a mile south of us) stopped by.  I refused their help, saying we'd get it out... and they got out anyway.  Ahhhh, how wonderful!  Another 40 minutes or so with three adults doing the digging, and we were chugging merrily up the driveway.

Dale got home right as we finished up, and he was ready to go rescue the other car.  The rest of us were frozen though, so we went in to thaw out.

We didn't dare to wait that long though... so after throwing jeans and tennies in the dryer, getting dry socks, putting shoes & pants back on... we were off.

The other car didn't look nearly so bad.  William stood lookout for approaching cars (we were just under a little rise, so we couldn't see vehicles approaching from the west), I dug at one of the wheels, and Dale & Connor hooked up the tow strap.  Got that all set, and thought to actually start the car... and it was dead.  So, unhooked everything, turned the van around, got jumper cables set up, and then we got two offers of help in a row.  The second, we think, was probably called by the county to tow our car out.

Anyway, jumped it easily, turned the van back around, got the tow straps hooked up again, and easily pulled it out of the ditch.  I drove the van home, which was nice and toasty warm.  My walk to the van was difficult, as I could not feel my feet.  I was grateful to be in the warmer of the vehicles.

I got back up the driveway just fine.  Dale struggled with the car.  I did not think he was going to make it, but eventually he got enough traction to get up.

Hot chocolate was made, everyone got out of wet clothes, and Dale saw to it that I soaked my feet in warm water.  They were prickly to walk on for a few hours afterwards, but it doesn't appear that I've done any real damage.

Presently, well, the driveway has drifted closed again -- so we aren't going anywhere.


Mrs. White said...

I hope you are warm and cozy indoors!!

Mrs. White

Debra said...

Thanks Mrs. White! We have been for the most part. And we are completely dug out, fortunately.