Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter storm!

My parents came out to visit, choosing the timing specifically so they could go to the Court of Honor scheduled today.  Connor was to make Star rank and receive a couple merit badges.  William was to make Scout rank and receive a couple merit badges.

We drove into town, finding the weather to be a bit miserable as we got there (it wasn't at home!)  And fortunately, the Bear den leader called my cell phone to let me know that Cub Scouts had been cancelled due to the weather.  I wondered aloud to him about whether it was bad enough that Boy Scouts would be cancelled too.

But last winter, we were given this huge lecture about how neither rain nor snow... oh, wait, that was something else.  But we were told that Boy Scouts will not cancel for weather unless there is a truly severe situation, that even mild blizzards will not stop us from holding a meeting.  So I didn't think there was any danger, as we were certainly NOT in a blizzard.  The roads were merely a bit icy.

WRONG!!  I got a call back from Thomas' den leader, who had just spoken to another mom with both a Cub and a Boy Scout, and she mentioned that she had just gotten off the phone and Boy Scouts was called off as well.

How disappointing!  We proceeded to go out for dinner as planned (Texas Roadhouse, mmmm!), and I went shopping and headed home with the kids.

So, next week, Thomas has a Christmas party with the pack, and William and Thomas have a Court of Honor.  I have to bring food to both.  That's a bit of a hardship... especially as I couldn't exactly save the Scotch Chocolate Cake that I made today.  The kids enjoyed having this for ourselves though!

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