Friday, January 15, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday 2

Week 2.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:  my water intake is up.  I am drinking water daily. Nowhere near what I should, but some.  My exercise is up.  Translated:  I am making more of an effort to move every day.

The bad:  Well, my water intake is nowhere near where it should be.  One lousy glass of water, one would think I could actually do that.  Exercise -- I didn't once this week actually "do" exercise.  I walked down to the mailbox instead of sending the kids (that is a bit of a hike).  I parked further away from the store when we went shopping.  I went outside and walked for a few minutes.  But a serious exercise session -- meaning anything that takes more than, say, 5 minutes?  Nope.

The ugly:  even with writing this post up, I didn't manage to post it.  But I'm going to confess.  I'm horrid.  And I'll slip it in to Friday, where it was supposed to be.

Goals this week:

1) I will move every day, and at least one day I will "do" exercise.
2) I will get in a glass of plain old water (our glasses are 12 oz) every day.
3) I will check in every Friday, whether I met my goals or not.  I will tell how I did, and I will adjust goals for the following week.

Am I not pathetic???

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